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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to March 2010 Entries
Silverlight Cream for March 31, 2010 -- #826
In this Issue: Andrea Boschin, Radenko Zec, Andrej Tozon, Bobby Diaz, Brad Abrams, Wolf Schmidt, Colin Eberhardt, Anand Iyer, Matthias Shapiro, Jaime Rodriguez, Bill Reiss, and Lee. Shoutouts: Cigdem has a post up about here MIX10 Interviewing experiences: MIX10 SilverlightShow Interviews Ian T. Lackey has his material up from his talk Silverlight SEO at the St. Louis .Net Users Group Not Silverlight but definitely WP7 cool, Michael Klucher reports that there are New Windows Phone Samples on Creators ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 31, 2010 4:47 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 30, 2010 -- #825
In this Issue: Jeremy Likness, Tim Greenfield, Tim Heuer, ondrejsv, XAML Ninja, Nikhil Kothari, Sergey Barskiy, Shawn Oster, smartyP, Christian Schormann(-2-), and John Papa And Glenn Block. Shoutouts: Victor Gaudioso produced a RefCard for DZone: Getting Started with Silverlight and Expression Blend Way to go Victor... it looks great! Gavin Wignall announced Metia launch FourSquare and Bing maps mash up – called Cheryl Simmons talks about VS2010 and the design surface: Changing Templates ......

Posted On Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:40 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 29, 2010 -- #824
In this Issue: smartyP(-2-), Al Pascual, Mike Taulty, Shawn Burke(-2-), Vikram Pendse, Tomasz Janczuk, Lee, and Alexey Zakharov. Shoutouts: Jeff Weber announced New Silverlight Game “Snow Spill” by Nick Avery of Liserd Arts Games John Papa summarized links to all the Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Sessions from MIX 10 Tim Heuer has a post up about OData and the MIX10 feed: MIX10: Yet another way to view video content sessions using their OData feed From Creating a Windows Phone ......

Posted On Monday, March 29, 2010 5:34 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 28, 2010 -- #823
In this Issue: Michael Washington, Andy Beaulieu, Bill Reiss, jocelyn, Shawn Wildermuth, Cameron Albert, Shawn Oster, Alex Yakhnin, ondrejsv, Giorgetti Alessandro, Jeff Handley, SilverLaw, deepm, and Kyle McClellan. Shoutouts: If I've listed this before, it's worth another... Introduction to Prototyping with SketchFlow (twelve video series) and on the same page is Creating a Beehive Game with Behaviors in Blend 3 (ten video series) Shawn Oster announced his Slides + Code + Video from ‘An Introduction ......

Posted On Sunday, March 28, 2010 4:10 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 27, 2010 -- #822
In this Issue: MSDN, Bill Reiss, Charlie Kindel(-2-), SilverLaw, Scott Marlowe, Kenny Young, Andrea Boschin, Mike Taulty, Damon Payne, and Jeff Handley(-2-). Shoutouts: Scott Morrison has his material up for his talk at MIX 10: Silverlight 4 Business Applications Matthias Shapiro posted his MIX10 “Information Visualization in Silverlight” Slides and Code for MIX10 Information Visualization Talk Demos Dan Wahlin has his MIX10 material all posted as well: Syncing Audio, Video and Animations in Silverlight ......

Posted On Saturday, March 27, 2010 7:10 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 26, 2010 -- #821
In this Issue: Max Paulousky, Christian Schormann, John Papa, Phani Raj, David Anson(-2-, -3-), Brad Abrams(-2-), and Jeff Wilcox(-2-, -3-). Shoutouts: Jeff Wilcox posted his material from mix and some preview TestFramework bits: Unit Testing Silverlight & Windows Phone Applications – talk now online At MIX10, Jeff Wilcox demo'd an app called "Peppermint"... here's the bleeding edge demo: “Peppermint” MIX demo sources Erik Mork and Co. have put out their weekly This Week In Silverlight 3.25.2010 ......

Posted On Friday, March 26, 2010 11:58 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 25, 2010 -- #820
In this Issue: René Schulte, Jeremy Likness, Hassan, Victor Gaudioso, SilverLaw, Mike Taulty, Phani Raj, Tim Heuer, Christian Schormann, Brad Abrams, David Anson, Diptimaya Patra, and Daniel Vaughan. Shoutouts: Last week, Koen Zwikstra announced Silverlight Spy at MIX10 Anand Iyer announced this for students on the Windows Team Blog: Be a Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Justin Angel blogged that Silverlight Isn't Fully Cross-Platform ... let him know if you think it's a yawn or important. On behalf of ......

Posted On Thursday, March 25, 2010 5:01 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 24, 2010 -- #819
In this Issue: Nokola, Tim Heuer, Christian Schormann, Brad Abrams, David Kelley, Phil Middlemiss, Michael Klucher, Brandon Watson, Kunal Chowdhury, Jacek Ciereszko, and Unni. Shoutouts: Michael Klucher has a short post up For Love of the Game (Development)…, where he's looking for some input from the developer community. Shawn Hargreaves has a link post up of all the Windows Phone MIX10 presentations Chris Cavanagh has a Soft-Body Physics for Windows Phone 7 post up that goes along with one he did ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 24, 2010 11:57 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 23, 2010 -- #818
In this Issue: Max Paulousky, Jeremy Likness, Mark Tucker, Christian Schormann, Page Brooks, Brad Abrams(-2-), Jeff Wilcox, Unnir, Bea Stollnitz, John Papa and Adam Kinney, and Bill Reiss(-2-). Shoutouts: Ashish Shetty posted his material from his MIX10 presentation: Stepping outside the browser with Silverlight 4 Not Silverlight, but dang useful, Karl Shifflett posted a Visual Studio 2010 XAML Editor IntelliSense Presenter Extension Yavor Georgiev posted his MIX10 material: Two samples from today's ......

Posted On Tuesday, March 23, 2010 5:09 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 22, 2010 -- #817
In this Issue: Bart Czernicki, Tim Greenfield, Andrea Boschin(-2-), AfricanGeek, Fredrik Normén, Ian Griffiths, Christian Schormann, Pete Brown, Jeff Handley, Brad Abrams, and Tim Heuer. Shoutout: At the beginning of MIX10, Brad Abrams reported Silverlight 4 and RIA Services Release Candidate Available NOW From Using the Bing Maps Silverlight control on the Windows Phone 7 Bart Czernicki has a very cool BingMaps and WP7 tutorial up... you're going to want to bookmark this one ......

Posted On Monday, March 22, 2010 6:04 PM

Post MIX10 Decompression
With a big dose of reality, I walked into this place this morning and found out "yeah, I really do write .NET web apps and MS Access for a living" :( ... but it pays the bills and I've gotten *way* used to eating 3 times a day :) MIX10 was great, although the buzz didn't seem as big as MIX09, and I'm not sure why. It also seemed like a different crowd and other folks I talked to agreed with that. Of course now I can outwardly admit that the "Windows Phone 7 Series" is programmed with Silverlight ......

Posted On Monday, March 22, 2010 5:19 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 21, 2010 -- #816
In this Issue: Michael Washington, John Papa(-2-, -3-, -4-), Jonas Follesø, David Anson, Scott Guthrie, Andrej Tozon, Bill Reiss(-2-), Pete Blois, and Lee. Shoutouts: Frank LaVigne has a Mix10 Session Downloader for us all to use... thanks Frank! Read what Ward Bell has to say about MVVM, Josh Smith’s Way ... it's all good. Robby Ingebretsen posts on his 10 Favorite Open Source Fonts You Can Embed in WPF or Silverlight Mike Harsh posted Slides and Demos from my MIX10 Session . The download link at ......

Posted On Sunday, March 21, 2010 10:50 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 20, 2010 -- #815
In this Issue: Andy Beaulieu(-2-, -3-), Alex Golesh, Damian Schenkelman, Adam Kinney(-2-), Jeremy Likness, Laurent Bugnion, and John Papa. Shoutouts: Adam Kinney has a good summary up of where to go for all the tools and toys: Install checklist for Silverlight 4 RC, Blend 4 Beta and Windows Phone Developer tools from MIX10 ... tons of links Laurent Bugnion had a few announcements at MIX10: MVVM Light V3 released at #MIX10, and he followed that with What’s new in MVVM Light V3 ... now for Windows ......

Posted On Saturday, March 20, 2010 8:21 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 17, 2010 -- #814
In this Issue: Tim Heuer(-2-), René Schulte(-2-), Bart Czernicki, Mark Monster, Pencho Popadiyn, Alex Golesh, Phil Middlemiss, and Yochay Kiriaty. Shoutouts: Check out the new themes, and Tim Heuer's poetry skills: SNEAK PEEK: New Silverlight application themes I learned to program Windows 3.1 from reading Charles Petzold's book, and here we are again: Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series (DRAFT Preview) Here's a blog you're going to want to watch, and first up on the blog tonight is links ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 17, 2010 5:31 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 13, 2010 -- #813
In this Issue: András Velvárt, Bobby Diaz, John Papa/Laurent Bugnion, Jesse Liberty, Christopher Bennage, Tim Greenfield, and Cameron Albert. Shoutouts: Svetla Stoycheva of SilverlightShow has an Interview with SilverlightShow Eco Contest Grand Prize Winner Daniel James Svetla Stoycheva of SilverlightShow also has an Interview with SilverlightShow Eco Contest Community Vote Winner Cigdem Patlak File this under #DoesHeEverSleep, Nokola has an EasyPainter Source Pack 1 Refresh And another filing in ......

Posted On Saturday, March 13, 2010 5:13 AM

Addicted to the MIX Buzz
Well it's the Friday before MIX10, and I'm officially of no use to anybody. I'll be driving up to 'Vegas Sunday ... hopefully rolling in mid-late afternoon, checking in at my $31.50/night (including WiFi) Motel, and getting registered then hanging out around registration to see who is there. First organized thing to do is 9PM, so I'm open to suggestions Sunday evening... maybe we can get a gang together for dinner ?? Monday is the Keynote ... I'm addicted to the buzz in the ballroom the first day, ......

Posted On Friday, March 12, 2010 10:36 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 11, 2010 -- #812
In this Issue: Walter Ferrari, Viktor Larsson, Bill Reiss(-2-, -3-, -4-), Jonathan van de Veen, Walt Ritscher, Jobi Joy, Pete Brown, Mike Taulty, and Mark Miller. Shoutouts: Going to MIX10? John Papa announced Got Questions? Ask the Experts at MIX10 Pete Brown listed The Essential WPF/Silverlight/XNA Developer and Designer Toolbox From How to extend Bing Maps Silverlight with an elevation profile graph - Part 2 In this second and final tutorial, Walter Ferrari adds elevation ......

Posted On Thursday, March 11, 2010 6:05 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 10, 2010 - 2 -- #811
In this Issue: AfricanGeek, Phil Middlemiss, Damon Payne, David Anson, Jesse Liberty, Jeremy Likness, Jobi Joy(-2-), Fredrik Normén, Bobby Diaz, and Mike Taulty(-2-). Shoutouts: Shawn Wildermuth blogged that they posted My "What's New in Silverlight 3" Video from 0reDev Last Fall Shawn Wildermuth also has a post up for his loyal followers: Where to See Me At MIX10 Jonas Follesø has presentation materials up as well: MVVM presentation from NDC2009 on Vimeo Adam Kinney updated his Favorite Tool and ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 10, 2010 6:06 PM

Silverlight Cream for March 10, 2010 -- #810
In this Issue: Andrea Boschin, Jeremy Likness(-2-), Andrew Veresov, Nokola, SilverLaw, Gill Cleeren, Jim Wightman and Jeremy Likness, Viktor Larsson(-2-), and Walter Ferrari. Shoutouts: Viktor Larsson has a post up about Silverlight Market Penetration ... hope to meet you at MIX10, Viktor! Gergely Orosz has posted the Slides and code for the presentation “An Introduction to Silverlight” It appears that if I miss a day, I can pretty much do an all-submittal post :) From Writing ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:47 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 08, 2010 -- #809
In this Issue: Michael Washington, Tim Greenfield, Bobby Diaz(-2-), Glenn Block(-2-), Nikhil Kothari, Jianqiang Bao(-2-), and Christopher Bennage. Shoutouts: Adam Kinney announced a Big update for the Project Rosetta site today Arpit Gupta has opened a new blog with a great logo: I think therefore I am dangerous :) From DotNetNuke Silverlight Traffic Module If it's DNN and Silverlight, it has to be my buddy Michael Washington :) ... Michael has combined those stunning gauges ......

Posted On Monday, March 8, 2010 3:34 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 06, 2010 -- #808
In this Issue: András Velvárt, felix corke, Colin Eberhardt, Christopher Bennage, Gergely Orosz, Entity Spaces Team Blog, Mike Taulty(-2-), Jit Ghosh, and Jesse Liberty. Shoutouts: Jeremy Likness expands on the Silverlight Team's post Vancouver Olympics - How'd We Do That? Gavin Wignall has a post up Creating a 360 photograph of an object with Silverlight Photosynth From Transforming an Ugly Duckling into a Graceful Swan With Expression Blend and Silverlight - Part 2 Intro Animation ......

Posted On Saturday, March 6, 2010 9:46 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 05, 2010 -- #807
In this Issue: Phil Middlemiss(-2-, -3-), Pencho Popadiyn, John Papa(-2-, -3-), Jim Lynn, and SilverLaw(-2-). Shoutouts: Walt Ritscher has added more shaders and features: Shazzam 1.2 – Feature Overview I hope you're getting as excited as I am about MIX10. You should be reading MIX10 News and checking out the sessions and the directory of attendees. From Watermarked TextBox Part I Phil Middlemiss's Orb Radio Button hit number two in the Silverlight Cream Skim page, in 2 days... ......

Posted On Friday, March 5, 2010 4:28 AM

Why is NDA so hard to understand?
Maybe this concept is simpler for me because of all the jobs I've been on over the years requiring security clearances. I've signed quite a few NDA forms. Some for big companies, some for small, but the meaning of "NDA" remains constant: Non-Disclosure Agreement. To me, that takes no further explanation, but apparently it's confusing to some people, and I don't understand how you can be confused. The papers I signed with the U.S. Army in 1970 read "10 years and $10,000" for a violation... can't imagine ......

Posted On Thursday, March 4, 2010 4:29 AM

Outstanding Silverlight User Group Meeting last night
We had a great Silverlight User Group Meeting in Phoenix last night! Before I go any farther I want to say thanks again to David Silverlight and Kim Schmidt for coming to talk to us! And not to forget Victor Gaudioso over the wire :) David, Kim, and Victor talked to us about the Silverlight User Group Starter Kit they are working on with an extended stellar list of talented developers. Don't bypass looking at this by thinking it's only for a User Group... this is a solid community-supported full-up ......

Posted On Thursday, March 4, 2010 4:05 AM

Silverlight Cream for March 02, 2010 -- #806
In this Issue: Phil Middlemiss, Jim Wightman, Jeremy Likness, Ross Wozniak, SilverLaw(-2-), XAMLNinja, Victor Gaudioso(-2-), Sergey Barskiy, and Jeff Handley. Shoutouts: Chris Klug posted The CommandManager that never dies…and ends up on Codeplex… Mike Swanson posted All About MIX10 From A Scalable Orb Radio Button Holy crap ... if you don't like this tutorial by Phil Middlemiss... just go back to programming DOS :) ... this is great... keep it coming, Phil! Using Silverlight ......

Posted On Tuesday, March 2, 2010 4:37 PM

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