Silverlight Cream for February 10, 2010 -- #795

In this Issue: Bruce Abernethy(2), Laurent Bugnion, and Jesse Liberty.


Robby Ingebretsen blogged Kaxaml Update + Downloads + A Request

Shawn Wildermuth is getting ready to write a Silverlight book and is asking all of us to Help Me Figure Out What to Write

Scott Guthrie posted this night before last: VS 2010 / .NET 4 Release Candidate ... but if you're developing with Silverlight 4B, don't grab it... check out Scott's comments 

Doing a post of what I have in an effort to get it squeezed out inbetween work :)


Silverlight Kata: IFS Fractals: The MessageBus
Bruce Abernethy has part 3 of his IFS Fractals series up, and is about adding a MessageBus for control communication.
Silverlight Kata: IFS Fractals: Full Solution
Bruce Abernethy has what appears to be a summary of the first 3 parts of the IFS Fractals series up ... there's a hint of parts 4 and 5. This one has the full demo, and discussion. It came together just great... grab the code and check it out!
Setting up icons for a Silverlight OOB application
Laurent Bugnion has a post up on setting up a Silverlight OOB app and branding it with your own icons.
Test Driven Silverlight Body Snatchers
Jesse Liberty has the next part of his HyperVideo Platform up, but it's actually part 1 of a 2-parter on TDD... if you're not a pod person already, check this out :)

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