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In this Issue: Rene Schulte, Jim Wightman, Michael Wolf, Karl Shifflett, Braulio Diez, Walt Ritscher, Mike Taulty, and Deborah Kurata.


Karl Erickson posted at the Silverlight SDK that Source viewer added to the Silverlight SDK sample browser

Karl Shifflett announced WPF & Silverlight Designer Team – New Blog... last I looked there were 5 articles up there!

If you haven't seen this yet from John Papa: Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight... I just pointed my Zune at the feed last night and saw this coming down earlier tonight :

Rob Eisenberg has a big announcement: Caliburn v1.1 Release Candidate Available! ... huge list of fixes/improvements.. check it out.

Matrix3DEx 1.0 - When PlaneProjection is not enough
Oh man... I think this is going to be big ... Rene Schulte has pushed a Matrix3D library onto CodePlex... read his post, grab the code...
Consuming Web Services from Silverlight in WinPE
Jim Wightman continues on in his efforts with Silverlight and WinPE... this time out he's calling a webservice under WinPE from Silverlight.
Silverlight 4 breaking the com sandbox to create a file watcher
Michael Wolf explains how to build a File Watcher as an example of using a bridge service to communicate back to a Silverlight app.
Create First Silverlight Application
It's only appropriate that the first post I blog about from the new WPF & Silverlight Designer Blog is a First Silverlight app tutorial by Karl Shifflett...he has a video up on this as well.
Silverlight 4 Desktop Drag and Drop + Silver Sky
Braulio Diez has a post up at SilverlightShow detailing Silverlight 4 Drag and Drop and then goes on to do so to a Sky Drive page and posts some other cool ideas in a "What's Next" section.
Use Reflector to determine what .NET namespaces are aliased to Silverlight XAML namespace
Walt Ritscher is exploring the Silverlight assemblies with Reflector to see what he can find ... interesting information!
Silverlight in Seventy Seven Slides ( yes, I know ;-) )
File this in the Holy Crap category... Mike Taulty has a Silverlight slide deck that went 77 slides... gulp ... I'm not sure I've produced 77 slides total :)
Silverlight: Centering a RadioButton
Deborah Kurata stumbled across a situation with radio buttons that I'm not sure might not also be a problem with other controls. She does have a solution... good one, Deborah!

Stay in the 'Light!

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