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Merry Christmas from Silverlight Cream!

In this Christmas Eve in Phoenix Issue: Cristian Merighi, Jeff Blankenburg, András Velvárt, Jeff Prosise, Micah, Sean Blakemore, Expression Blog, Andrej Tozon, CrocusGirl, Adam Kinney, Jordan Knight, and Jonas Follesø(2).


It appears Adam Kinney had access to a few more Silverlight Christmas cards than I did: Silverlight Christmas Cards for 2009

Martin Grayson announced Blacklight v4.3(Dec09) released

Jafar Husain has two entries at Channel 9 on Silverlight Toolkit and Rx: Part 1 and Part 2

Alan Mendelevich announced My Entry in MIX 10K Challenge



Regular N-Gon Control for Silveright 3
Cristian Merighi has a new post up on convex and star-shaped n-gons rendered in in a Sivlerlight control.
Day #25: Silverlight Outside The Browser (Part 3 of 3)
Jeff Blankenburg has part 3 of his Silverlight 3 OOB post up, and this one is concentrating on making sure you have connectivity.
Make a Silverlight TextBox update its binding on every character with a Behavior
András Velvárt has a post up resolving the issue of the TextBox only updating it's binding when it loses focus.
Silverlight 4's New HTML Hosting Support
Jeff Prosise explains the features of the HTML Hosting in Silverlight 4 Beta, and discusses the difference between WebBrowser and HtmlBrush objects.
Deleting entities in a many to many relatonship with Entity Framework and Ria Services
Micah approaches the subject of deleting an entity in a many-to-many relationship with RIA Services. Real-world issues here, folks!
Silverlight 4 COM Automation – Taking photos with a DSLR using Windows Image Acquisition
In somewhat of a twist on the whole webcam theme :) ... Sean Blakemore uses Silverlight 4 beta's COM Automation to lash up his DSLR camera to a Silverlight app... too cool!
Blend paths
The Expression Blog has a tutorial up on blending paths... take two or more paths and let Blend give you the intervening paths (your choice) to blend them together.
Silverlight 4 WebCam zoom
Andrej Tozon has a demo app up of panning and zooming the webcam in Silverlight 4 beta.
Last Minute Christmas Tree in Silverlight
CrocusGirl posted her Silverlight Christmas Tree decorator app and discusses the finer points of building it (the app not the tree) ... good one, Cigdem!
Transforming grouped elements in Expression Blend
Adam Kinney demonstrates how to resize (transform) grouped elements in Expression Blend.
New AnimationChainer – fluent Storyboard helper for Silverlight
Jordan Knight posted previously about his Fluent Animation Chainer... he's refactored it and it now supporst stop, pause, and resume, and there's a link on his post to download it!
Automatic INotifyPropertyChanged using Dynamic Proxy
Jonas Follesø has a detailed post up discussing INotifyPropertyChanged and Dynamic Proxys as implemented by taking pieces from a couple other well-documented posts. Lots of external links and explanations
Automatic change notification for dependent properties
Jonas Follesø responded to a couple comments and actually made the previous code easier... and I still really like the code presentation with the comments!

Stay in the 'Light!

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