Silverlight Cream for December 21, 2009 -- #759

In this Issue: Richard Waddell(2), Jeremy Likness, AfricanGeek, Michael Washington, Colin Eberhardt, clearbreeze(2), Tim Heuer, Allan Muller, Shawn Wildermuth, Jesse Liberty, Brad Abrams, and Gill Cleeren(2).


I'm sure you all aggregate Scott Guthrie, but just in case: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit

Shawn Wildermuth posted links to his XBoxGames Databases for SQL Server 2005 and 2008

Fons Sonnemans posted his Silverlight Christmas Card... using behaviors he already discussed... Watch my Silverlight Christmas card ... very nice, Fons, and Merry Christmas to you as well!

The Seeker – Version 1.0
Richard Waddell has a two-parter posted at OpenLightGroup about 'intelligent' objects named 'Seeker' ... this is pretty cool, and has lots of explanation and external links plus all the code
The Seeker - Version 2
In part 2, Richard Waddell adds 'prey' to his Seeker code... more code this time and he says there are more parts coming!
Fractal Koch Snowflakes in Silverlight
Jeremy Likness has an awesome snowflake post up using Koch curves ... all source so don't get scared :) ... very nice looking demo too!
Silverlight 3 Video Tutorial
AfricanGeek has another Silverlight 3 video tutorial up all about adding Stop and Mute buttons to the media player project and handling their click events.
Debug your Silverlight 4 Out of Browser application using F5
Michael Washington has a post up on debugging SL4B OOB by simply using F5 as we're all familiar with... thanks Michael!
Rippling Reflection Effect with Silverlight 3’s WriteableBitmap
Colin Eberhardt sent me this link and it's a very cool Just-In-Time-For-Christmas demo, but can be used anywhere... rippling water reflection using WriteableBitmap ... too cool, Colin!
Designing a Christmas card, print to Silverlight - part one
This first post is a setup to the second by clearbreeze and is a great design post... discussing how to get from concept to resolution.
Designing a Christmas card, print to Silverlight - part two
In the second post, clearbreeze takes the artwork into Blend, with issues, and produces the Silverlight card... very nice!
Silverlight 4: Accessing the Web Camera and Microphone
Tim Heuer has a video tutorial up on on using the webcam and mic in Silverlight 4 ... project code as well!
Silverlight Pagination (DataPager)
Allan Muller has a very complete post up on using the DataPager ... with all the code... good one, Allan!
Architecting SL4 Applications with RIA Services, MEF and MVVM - Part 2
Shawn Wildermuth has the second part of his RIA Services with MEF and MVVM up ... this is probably required reading!
HVP – Core Scaffolding and Updated News
Jesse Liberty's not only looking for QA folks for his HVP project, but he's got the latest post up about it... checking in the scaffolding and all the details about it... check out all the things going on surrounding this project... pretty cool, Jesse!
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If you're having problems with samples you're trying to download and run from Brad Abrams, apparently it's not just you! Check out his post on the subject.
Silverlight Advent Calendar: December 17th: Cross-domain network access
Gill Cleeren rolled on past me while I took a break! Going back to the 17th, he has a post up on Cross-Domain access in Silverlight 4 Beta using the elevated access available while OOB.
Silverlight Advent Calendar: December 18th: IDataErrorInfo in an example to stop Last Christmas by Wham!
The next post in Gill Cleeren's Advent Calendar series is on Validation, and he combines that with Christmas music to make the post seasonal. If you haven't gotten familiar with IDataErrorInfo, here's a post to help that out.

Stay in the 'Light!

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