Silverlight Cream for October 20, 2009 -- #712

In this Issue:
Mark Miller, Kirupa, Sergey Barskiy, Timmy Kokke, Laurent Bugnion, Jeff Prosise, Ronnie Saurenmann, Expression Blog, The Silverlight Blog, and Victor Gaudioso.


Check out .NET Rocks Show 489 because Shawn Wildermuth announced I am on .NET Rocks Talking about Declarative UI's

Jon Galloway has a post up on The Designer/Developer Workflow Crisis (That Everyone’s Ignoring) that's definitely something to check out.

Unless you've been sleeping behind the door, you already know Scott Guthrie's announcement: VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Beta 2 , but Tim Heuer also has a post up with a Silverlight slant to it: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and Silverlight updates

MVVM with Prism 101 – Part 3: Regions
Mark Miller posted Part 3 of his series on Prism, and is covering Regions this time, not to mention View Discovery and Injection.
Creating Killer Animations in Code
Kirupa has a cool tutorial up on creating animations in code for Silverlight and WPF. Lots of goodness in this tutorial.
Silverlight 3.0 Behaviors – Part 1
Sergey Barskiy is starting a tutorial series on Behaviors and is taking it very easy on beginners with this first post... so jump in now!
SilverBullet #12 – System.Windows.Browser.HttpUtility
Timmy Kokke has Silver Bullet #12 up, and this quick tip is about the System.Windows.Browser.HttpUtility class... why we need it and what all we can do with it.
Clean shutdown in Silverlight and WPF applications
Laurent Bugnion shows us how to perform a clean shutdown in WPF and Silverlight ... you mean Alt-F4 on the Browser window doesn't do that :)
Silverlight 3's New Client Networking Stack
Jeff Prosise discusses Silverlight 3's networking stack with lots of good information including a table comparing the Client and Browser stack -- worth the price of admission all by itself!
The making of: Deep Zoom Zermatt, explore the super high resolution panoramas of the famous Swiss mountains
Ronnie Saurenmann gives the background to this app with breathtaking pictures. He also concentrates on those pieces of Silverlight 3 that came into play. Good code links included as well.
Modify the SketchFlow project settings
Expression Blog has a quick tip up on modifying the SketchFlow project settings.
Adding Silverlight Video to Websites with Expression Web 3
The Silverlight Blog shows how to use Expression Web 3 to encode your video and also place it on your site.
New Video Tutorial: How to Make a Silverlight Visual Tree Helper to help you find FrameworkElements in the Visual Tree
Victor Gaudioso's latest video is showing how to make a 'Visual Tree Helper' then uses it to find and collapse a Framework Element by name

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