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Laurent Bugnion, Chad Campbell, Mark Miller, Jacek Ciereszko, Laurent Duveau, Kirupa, Ning Zhang, Timmy Kokke, Expression Blend and Design Blog, and Mark Tucker.


Since the demise of the MSDN Social Bookmarks, I've wanted to move my tag page to it's own page on, and I finally did that last night. There's a left-border link to Tagged Posts that contains a tag cloud of, at this moment, 7268 articles tagged 10259 different ways using 421 unique tags, on all sorts of subjects.

Much cooler than my tag cloud... John Papa's latest article is out in MSDN Magazine: Validation with Silverlight 3 and the DataForm

Laurent Bugnion announces: I am happy and proud to announce that the MVVM Light Toolkit V2 has been published!

James Bacon and Silverlight Girl have announced a new scoring system for game developers at Mashooo: New Silverlight high score service and general in-game event Service for Silverlight Games (Code name 3XH)

Are you trying to print from Silverlight? ... if you're doing a LOB app, that was a stupid question, right? Well check out what Dan Wahlin's been working on: SmartPrint for Silverlight Details

Using RelayCommands in Silverlight and WPF
I missed this with family in town last weekend, but Laurent Bugnion has a great post up on Commanding and RelayCommand in Silverlight and WPF... if you missed this last weekend, go read it now!
Silverlight – Drill Down Charts Walkthrough
Chad Campbell [no, he's not my son :) ] has a video up on creating drill-down charts using the Toolkit. The code created for the video is available also.
MVVM with Prism 101 – Part 1: The Bootstrapper
Mark Miller is starting a series on MVVM and Prism... if you haven't dipped your toe into that water yet, this looks like a nice safe place to try.
[Behaviors] Mouse Over ComboBox Open (Behavior)
Jacek Ciereszko has a cool behavior up for a Combobox in that it drops the list when you mouse over it... just a tad surprising when it happens, but a cool surprise... I like it!
Silverlight 3 Activity Control
Laurent Duveau posts a nice article on an 'activity control' ... you know... the "hang on, I'm working here!" sort of thing :)
Trigonometric Animations
Just the other day someone asked me about mapping functions with Silverlight, and here is Kirupa doing a *wow* job on Trigonometric functions... cool stuff!
Silverlight Design Time: Toolkit July 2009 Release Update
Many of us are using at least parts of the Toolkit, but Ning Zhang gives us some good information that you may not be aware of about releases and walks through the installation process to get all the goodness in your Visual Studio Toolbox.
Retro-lines in Expression Design
If you'd like a nice tutorial in Expression Design, Timmy Kokke has one up on his site. I don't see more on Blend than Design, so this was a nice change.
Visual State Manager tips for design and authoring
Steve at Expression Blend and Design Blog has a good post up on the Visual State Manager... explaining the various aspects and how you should do things depending upon your role... he also has a link out to a Button Styling Video to see a walkthrough of all this.
Hidden Object: Episode 8 – Loop Game Music with a Behavior
In Mark Tucker's 8th episode of his game creation, he's adding music in a loop, and also gives up a good royalty-free music site for games. He also packages the game loop into a behavior... I'm sure we can all find a use for that!

Stay in the 'Light!

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Posted on Sunday, October 4, 2009 1:34 PM Silverlight , Silverlight Cream , Silverlight 3 | Back to top

Comments on this post: Silverlight Cream for October 04, 2009 -- #704

# re: Silverlight Cream for October 04, 2009 -- #704
Requesting Gravatar...
Going to the tag cloud page gives me a null reference exception. Besides it being broken like that, I would advice you to disable passing exceptions to the user on a live website.
I'm looking forward to take a look when you've fixed it.

Left by Jonathan van de Veen on Oct 04, 2009 7:06 PM

# re: Silverlight Cream for October 04, 2009 -- #704
Requesting Gravatar...
Hi John - thanks for the plug as always. Since your content is largely Silverlight focused, I should mention that my current trigonometric tutorial is geared for Flash using AS3.

A Silverlight predecessor of that tutorial will be out sometime this week that covers how to create scripted movement.

Left by Kirupa on Oct 04, 2009 9:00 PM

# re: Silverlight Cream for October 04, 2009 -- #704
Requesting Gravatar...
Jonathan: Thanks for the heads-up - I saw it when I got up. I can't get to the site from work, so that would have been bad later. It's all fixed now... it blew up when I added the graphic for the user group and guess I didn't try the Tag Cloud after that... fail!

Kirupa: I thought the trigonometry details was good for anyone playing with the code... and yeah the AS3 slipped by me at first, but good code is good code :)

Left by Dave on Oct 05, 2009 1:12 AM

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