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First I'd like to congratulate all the returning MVPs, and all the new ones... fun awaits and I hope to see you all at the Summit!

I'd particularly like to call out people I know that have just become Silverlight MVPS. Tim Heuer did a great post with links to everyone, so I won't repeat that.

Bryant Likes -- wow... it's been a well-earned award all the way back to rolling that gear, Bryant :)
Jeff Paries ... if you're not familiar with Jeff, you should be... Jeff is the animation master of Silverlight! ... check out his awesome MIX09 presentation, then go buy his book.
Corey Schuman ... dang, just check out that blog-o-material he's got, and the credentials to back it up
Robby Ingebretsen ... that's just about 'nuff said right there! ... in case you don't know, Robby is the KAXAML man
Rick Barraza ... with all the Silverlight Rick's done and all the posting, this is overdue
Davide Zordan ... lots of good blogging and answering posts...
Ambrose Little ... still a tad embarassed at not recognizing you at the first summit I attended!
Humjin Li ... I'm not familiar with Humjin, but welcome aboard!

Not to forget outgoing Pete Brown and John Papa who are being pulled up into the mother ship :)

And honorable mention goes out to John Skeet .. you'll have to read that post to believe it.

Now... In this Issue: Gavin Wignall, Silverlight Web Services Team, CrocusGirl, Andy Beaulieu, Jared Bienz, Corey Schuman, Bryant Likes, Timmy Kokke, Shawn Wildermuth, and Mark Tucker.

What is Silverlight and Expression Blend
Gavin Wignall has his first post up of his tutorial Series "Learn Blend in a Month" ... this one is touting the advantages of using Silverlight and Expression Blend and where to go to get them... stay tuned!
Having a PollingDuplex service and any other WCF service in the same website causes Silverlight calls to be slow
The Silverlight Web Services Team has a post up about a common complaint about a slowdown when a polling duplex service co-exists with a normal WCF service on the same IIS web app. They dug into it and have some metrics and discussion on the topic.
Silverlight Navigation Framework Sample – Tiny Fix
CrocusGirl details fixes necessary if you're playing along with the Navigation Framework video on ... including project source... thanks CrocusGirl!
.NET RIA Services... and Beer!
Wow, Andy Beaulieu put up a great detailed tutorial of .NET RIA Services... there's a 14-line Table of Contents! ... great job Andy!!
Creating Lookless Controls for WPF and Silverlight
Found by way of Frank LaVigne, this is a Great Channel 9 video on creating Lookless Controls by Jared Bienz
Silverlight tip – managing HTML
Corey Schuman has a quit tip up on HTML and Silverlight, but don't ignore it... it's a RegEx to strip the tags. Pretty cool... a post by a new Silverlight MVP quoting from John Papa's book... an outgoing MVP ... and both great guys!
Behaviors vs Subclassing in Silverlight
Bryant Likes compares subclassing with behaviors and you might be surprised at the result. As with many of the posts, there are some good comments as well.
SilverBullet #11 - SyndicationFeed
Timmy Kokke has SilverBullet 11 up and it's all about SyndicationFeed.
Choosing a Data Access Layer for Silverlight 3
Congrats to Microsoft's newest (only?) Data MVP, Shawn Wildermuth, and in this post he describes the 3 major strategies for lashing Silverlight up to data currently... great post!
Hidden Object: Episode 6 – Create a CheckBox from an Image
With this episode, Mark Tucker is back to the game and demonstrating making a checkbox control out of an image

Stay in the 'Light!

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