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In this Issue: Jesse Liberty, Christian Schormann, Tim Heuer, Jeff Kelly, Jeff Prosise, Jeff Wilcox(2), and Alex Golesh.

Lots of Shoutouts today:

David Anson has been getting lots of feedback on his HTML5 canvas post, so he's Following up on some of the attention [Live sample posted and a *very* small tweak to the Html5Canvas source code!]

I know there was some discussion about this on the Insiders list, but Ben Anderson announced a Popfly Parting Present ... no not the PopFly source, but the Game Engine... definitely worth a second look!

After a long-running discussion on the Insiders list, Adam Kinney has posted Showcase Silverlight Apps for Talks and Demos ... lots of excellent examples in there.

Koen Zwikstra announced Silverlight Spy 3 updated, much of which was user-driven.

John Papa is asking for input for What kinds of samples would you most like to see in a community Silverlight code sharing site? Your 2 cents: Silverlight Community Samples

We all wish Jesse Liberty well with his Carpal Tunnel problems: OK, So Now Where’s Jesse?? ... take it easy on your wrists and get better, Jesse!

David Kelley has a follow-up on his GeekSpeak webcast with all sorts of resources: MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: Composite Application Development (Level 200)

Pie Chart Easy AS….
If you're like me, you picked up on the animated pie chart on Jesse Liberty's post in my shoutout above. He didn't just throw that out as a tease, carpal tunnel or not, he details that in this post.
Type-On Text for SketchFlow with a Behavior
Christian Schormann rose to the occasion when Nick Josevski posted his animated Type-on Text for SketchFlow. Christian posted a custom behavior for Type-on Animation... very cool!
Silverlight and localizing string data
Tim Heuer investigates localization in Silverlight. I've done this for desktop apps back in the old days, boy this stuff is simple! Be sure to read to the bottom where he has a workaround for dynamically setting the culture.
Using Custom Value Editors for Behaviors
The Expression Blend blog welcomes Jeff Kelly back for his Part IV in a series on Behaviors. This one is about ValueEditors and then some discussion of Design-Time Metadata and external links to more information on that.
Silverlight 3's New and Improved Duplex Networking
Jeff Prosise updated an app that he did last year using the new duplex service enhancements in Silverlight 3
Custom Control Development: Simple code guidelines
Jeff Wilcox gives a write-up on good coding standards for developing custom controls. As you can imagine, he got lots of comments. Those comments and his reponses are all good info as well, don't skip them!
Creating a highlighting text block for Silverlight 3, revisited
Jeff Wilcox revisits his Highlighting TextBox that he's blogged about in other incarnations of Silverlight. This time it's easier, using the Templated Silverlight Control item template. Jeff then turned around and duplicated the effort: A Silverlight HighlightingTextBlock implemented in Visual Basic
Silverlight Quick Tip: Dynamically Updating Class Fields/Properties
Alex Golesh had previously posted about a VS Property-style window for class/controls. Today he's demonstrating pushing data from the 'property' window back in... yikes... that's cool!

Stay in the 'Light!

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