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In this Silverlight 3 is RTW Issue: Pete Brown(2).

Pete is the only one that's submitted any SL3 links to me, so I thought I'd give him the 'Cream post and list all the announcement and resource posts and get them out of my system :)

I have tagged everything in my cloud at as "Silverlight 3", and everything going to my MSDN Social bookmarks is the same. Silverlight Cream already has a tag for version 3, so it's all good!

There are a potful of SL3 posts out there already and I'll get to them, for now I've got these shoutouts (and Pete's posts below). I'm listing most all the lists I've seen so far because in the early download/install cycles I find more is better:

Scott Guthrie as always is the first and foremost authority: Silverlight 3 Released with all sorts of good SL3 and Expression Blend info... can you say sketchflow??

Following Scott, Tim Heuer is always good for a great informative intro: Silverlight 3 Released! What is new/changed? and he delivers on the 'what has changed' title... a must read!

And then in no particular order except Timmy was first yesterday (when I couldn't blog about it) and the last few are more than link lists:

Timmy Kokke: Silverlight 3 downloads

Bart Czernicki: Silverlight 3 Relase Download Links and Installation Instructions

Davide Zordan: Silverlight 3 available for download

Karen Corby: Silverlight 3 Ships

Canadian UX Blog: It’s a big day for RIA!

Dan Wahlin: Silverlight 3 Released – Exciting Stuff Here!

Jesse Liberty: What’s New In Silverlight 3 – Wiki Released

Terence Tsang: Silverlight 3 RTW Released!!!

Shawn Wildermuth: Biggest Suprises in Silverlight 3

Welcoming Silverlight 3 RTW
Pete Brown discusses breaking changes and 'Quirks' mode then follows up with some of the new OOB goodness.
What Happened to the asp:Silverlight Control?
In case you haven't noticed in all the rush this morning, the asp:Silverlight control isn't in the mix. Pete Brown discusses this and what it means to you.

Stay in the 'Light!

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