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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this Issue: Andy Beaulieu, Brian Mains, Patrick Cauldwell, Timmy Kokke, Karl Shifflett, Silverlight Web Services Team, and John Papa.

Buncha Shoutouts today. I've got more, but they can wait:

Tim Heuer has a post up on the NET RIA Services roadmap update.

Unni has an interesting post in case you're having trouble with flyout menus in Blend: TabletPC and the Blend menus

Jaime Rodriguez points out that Wintellect just released Programming differences between WPF and SIlverlight, a WHitePaper

Shawn Wildermuth  reports that My Oslo DSL Article Part 1 is Updated for May 2009 CTP

Blend Artboard Exceptions and Loaded Event
Andy Beaulieu shows us why we can get errors in Blend's artboard when a UserControl loads and how to go about finding out the cause.
Using the Silverlight Accordion Control
Brian Mains has a post at ASPAlliance on the Accordian control. Taking another look at this control can't be bad... when I'm working on something, the more examples I find, the better off I am!
A “default button” in Silverlight
I went back in Patrick Cauldwell's blog and found this post on a way to create a 'default' button in Silverlight. I'm not sure I've seen that done before, but I can always be wrong :)
SilverBullet No. 1 – System.Environment
Timmy Kokke is starting a series he's calling "SilverBullet" ... like tips. I like the name, and the posts sound like they may be quick easily-digestible ones like this first one.
Glimpse for Silverlight – Viewing Exceptions and Binding Errors
Karl Shifflett demo'd this to me on Friday morning in Phoenix and it is awesome ... can you hear him laughing? :) ... seriously, don't pass this one up!
Improving the performance of web services in SL3 Beta
Th Silverlight Web Services Team describes how Web Services are improved in SL3B, specifically the binary encoding that is done behind the scenes. They then go on to give data to support the improvements.
Build an Out Of Browser Client with Silverlight 3
John Papa has a very complete article on OOB use including network connection and offline storage in his latest MSDN Magazine article... great job John!

Stay in the 'Light!

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