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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this Issue: Erik Mork, Alexey Zakharov, René Schulte, Gavin Wignall, Koen Zwikstra, David Anson, and Lee.


MVP Vikram Pendse has produced an 8-part series on Silverlight 3, that could easily serve as a Silverlight 3 primer! He is showcased in the MVP Award Program Blog

Unni, who I just started watching yesterday has a post up today on how the latest version of Blend was made better by suggestions in Connect: Connect and Blend 3

When to use Prism
Erik Mork continues with Prism ... along with some of the Patterns and Practices team members and Shawn Wildermuth ... wow ... you can't get much better info than that bunch!
SocketsLight - Silverlight Sockets Framework
Alexey Zakharov of SilverlightShow has a Sockets framework up on CodePlex and this blogpost is a tutorial on using it... very cool, Alexey
An Oscar Algorithm - Silverlight Real-time 3D Perlin Noise
René Schulte posted this a few days ago and I keep going past it because I can only get to it from here at the house. I'm familiar with noise algorithms from doing graphics, but nothing like he is doing ... these demos are awesome!
Using the mouse position to control movement
Gavin Wignall has another very clever example up (with explanation and source) of using the mouse to control movement.
Document Toolkit: a better document service
Koen Zwikstra has a 3rd part up on his discussion series on his DocumentToolkit. In this one he discusses the document service aspects such as Caching, Compression, and Disk I/O.
You've got to know where you've been to know where you're going [Some background on Charting's ordered multiple dictionary implementation]
David Anson takes the prize for the longest blog post titles I think :) ... his latest gives background on the Chart control as we now know it, specifically discussing the BinaryTree.
Interacting with charts-2
Lee also is discussing charts and has revisited his cool chart code from a while back and this stuff is sweet ... you need to try the sample ... I don't think I could do it justice... very nice, Lee!

Stay in the 'Light!

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