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In this Issue: Jeff Prosise, Michael S. Scherotter, Kirupa Chinnathambi(2), Bryant Likes(2, 3), Pete Brown(2), Tim Heuer, Nigel Sampson, Al Pascual, Anna Wrochna, Rishi, Chris Cavanagh(2), Lee, Gavin Wignall, Chris Anderson, and Bill Reiss.


The Expression Blend Team has a Round-Up of Blog Posts (and other Activities) by the Expression Blend Team!

David Anson reports on his post of yesterday: Supporting the unsupported [Two fixes for the unofficial WPF Charting assembly!]

More on Silverlight 3's Writeable Bitmap
Jeff Prosise wades back in on the WriteableBitmap in SL3B and uses it to generate reflections without that whole big duplication of XAML thing we all have done.
Data Binding with the Virtual Earth Control
Michael S. Scherotter talks about the Silverlight control created by the Virtual Earth team then goes on to demonstrate it... cool stuff!
Behaviors : Making Interactivity Easy (and Fun!)
Kirupa Chinnathambi has two posts in this list... both on Behaviours... the first one introduces Behaviours in a real-world example, showing the hard way and easy way to implement zooming and panning on a MultiScale Image. He ends up providing everything as a DLL that we can not only see in action but use for our own work!
Using Behaviors : A Quick Walkthrough
Kirupa Chinnathambi then continues with Behaviours, this time walking us through downloading, using, and modifying some Behaviours ... writing our own will be next :)
Styling Hack Using Attached Properties in Silverlight
Bryant Likes has a trio of posts I've queued up. This first is on defining an attached property to allow styling on something that is not a DependencyProperty. Bryant's example is the VerticalScrollBarVisibility on a Textbox.
Animation Hack Using Attached Properties in Silverlight
Bryant Likes' second post is on attached properties as well, and in this one, he pulls from a couple other sources to demonstrate animating things that normally are not animateable.
Faking the Initialized Event in Silverlight
Bryant Likes' third in the list is a pretty cool trick to work out a way to know when everything is done initializing and you can start playing.
Hanselminutes Podcast 155 - A C64 Emulator with Silverlight 3 by Pete Brown
Pete Brown is on Scott Hanselman's Hanselminutes Podcast. This all has to do with Pete's Commodore64 emulator in Silverlight 3 Beta, but how cool is that? If you weren't at MIX09 then you're not aware of Corey Miller grabbing everyone in site and telling them over and over that Pete was interviewed :) ... Congratulations Pete!
The Weekly Source Code 39 - Commodore 64 Emulator in Silverlight 3
Pete Brown also made it to Scott Hanselman's The Weekly SourceCode with the same application. Congratulations again my friend! (and where's Corey when you need him ??)
Silverlight Smooth Streaming: UX Simulator
Tim Heuer walks you through how to play with smooth streaming and get a handle on the concepts. All you need is a few downloads and you're in business!
Silverlight Animation Part 4: Transforms
Nigel Sampson has had part 4 of his sequence on Silverlight up, and I just haven't gotten to it. This one is on Transforms... this is SL2, but all good!
Problems with Silverlight DataContractJsonSerializer
The subject and synopsis just about says it, but Al Pascual describes a problem with the DataContractJSONSerializer.
Silverlight: the simpliest master pages ever (plus links to subpages)
Anna Wrochna recalls a couple master-page posts in Silverlight and then goes on to take her own shot at the whole concept... and thereby providing more code choices for us :)
Loading x:Class XAML Controls
Rishi has a good hack up for that old problem of "does not support x:Class" particularly when run-time loading something.
Excel Formulas, DLR and Silverlight Part 1
Chris Cavanagh has a two-parter up on Excel, DLR and Silverlight that I apparently missed. In part 1 he's parsing expressions and building an Expression/Abstract Syntax Tree. There's some good external links in that post, too.
Excel Formulas, DLR and Silverlight Part 2
Chris Cavanagh's part 2 in the series ties things together and produces a pretty awesome output. He's got it all on CodePlex, so it's available to check out!
Creating RadiobuttonList
Lee demonstrates in some xaml how to use SL3B binding enhancements to relieve your code.
Controlling an object using the Keydown function in Silverlight
Gavin Wignall is continuing with his game-pieces with this post controlling an object with the keyboard. Helicopters seem to be a popular game piece :)
Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Styling Part 7.1
Chris Anderson has the 7th post in a series on LOB with Silverlight up at SilverlightShow. He discusses styling an app... when and how, and the AdventureWorks page actually looks very nice!
Compile your XNA 2D games to run in Silverlight with SilverSprite
Bill Reiss explains the background to SilverSprite and how he came to build it. Check it out if you're a game developer, and then be sure to keep track of Bill's site for other hints and tips, and his new game site SilverArcade!

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