Silverlight Cream for March 25, 2009 - 2 -- #552

In this General Silverlight 2/Silverlight 3Beta Issue: Emil Stoychev(2), Gill Cleeren, Rick Barraza, Mike Snow, Michael Sync, Tim Heuer, Bart Czernicki(2), Matt Casto, Chris Cavanagh, Mike Taulty(2), Azret Botash, Nikolay Raychev(2), András Velvárt, Pete Brown, Jeff Wilcox, and Amy Dullard.


Mike Swanson is keeping up a list of all sorts of goodness about the MIX09 Sessions

Laurent Bugnion has reported that he has Posting the source code for my #mix09 talk

XAML Element Binding
Emil Stoychev very quickly demonstrates UI to UI binding ... short and to the point, looks great Emil!
The road to the keynote
Gill Cleeren sent me this and it's not the road to the MIX09 keynote, but it's a tutorial on building a cycling app with heart-rate and VirtualEarth ... not a small app by any stretch!
Sketching in C#: Legos versus Clay
Rick Barraza has a couple stunning SL2 apps running that he did for his session at MIX09 ... lots of discussion and code... very cool stuff Rick!
Silverlight Tip of the Day #101 - Bypassing the Image Cache
Mike Snow gives us some help for what to do when an image has changed but it might be cached... and it's pretty simple.
Silverlight 3: Array Helper
Michael Sync provides an ArrayHelper for SL3B. He will upload UnitTest data later.
Silverlight 3 Beta install experience for users
Tim Heuer details out an install experience that all of us should try to adhere to. I've had some issues on machines that had SL2 but not 3B on it, and it wasn't entirely clear the the 'man-in-the-street' user.
Silverlight 3 Beta - Downloads You May Have Missed
Bart Czernicki reminds us that there were other downloads at or surrounding MIX09 ... and gives us links.
Silverlight 3 - Deep Linking Link
Matt Casto is planning on showcasing SL3B features and is startig with this one on Deep Linking. Somebody messed up the title on SC, but I'll fix it tonight :) Good job on the Good, Bad, and Beautiful Matt!
SilverGlulxe – Interactive Fiction in Silverlight
Now here's one I didn't see coming... Chris Cavanagh is discussing Interactive Fiction... and Silverlight... cool... now I want to do Collosal Cave!
A quick look at Silverlight 3: Save File Dialog
Mike Taulty demos the SaveFile dialog... pretty darned simple it looks like to me!
Silverlight 3 Release Date (RTW) Surprise
Bart Czernicki takes an educated guess at the RTW date for SL3... use at your own risk :)
iPhone like Touch Interface with Silverlight Grid
Azret Botash has a great tutorial up using SL3 with the devexpress tools to create a 'touch-like' interface. Very nice work on this... lots of detail and all the code!
How to style the caret in Silverlight 3
Nikolay Raychev shows us Caret Styling ... I haven't seen that done before! but it works quite nicely :)
Discovering Silverlight 3 – The Star Wars Scroller
András Velvárt is the Zoomery guy that I met at the Summit, and he sent me a link to this "Star Wars" demo (I'd already had it on my list) combining some of the new features in SL3 ... very cool... looks great my friend!
A quick look at Silverlight 3: Data Validation
Mike Taulty shows us how easy it is to setup the Data Validation that we now have available. This just works so smooth you forget it's there!
Creating Sound using MediaStreamSource in Silverlight 3 Beta
Pete Brown digs into creating sound this time around... which he readily admits is more difficult and yep, it looks like it :)
Communication between Silverlight applications on the client side
In the flurry of Perspective3D and OOB did you miss the communication between apps enhancements? Emil Stoychev details them and makes it all easy.
Building Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 Beta applications on the same machine
Jeff Wilcox explains how the team members deal with the switch between SL2 and SL3B and provides code for us.
Switching from Silverlight 3 Tools to Silverlight 2 Tools
Amy Dullard provides a tool for switching between SL2 and SL3B in VS2008... not a bad idea if you have to support both!
Animation Easings in Silverlight 3
Nikolay Raychev takes a detailed look at animation easings with a great demo app to drive the point(s) home.

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Silverlight Cream for March 25, 2009 -- #551

In this WriteableBitmap, Perspective3D, and MIX09 issue: Karen Corby, Mike Harsh, Joe Stegman(2, 3, 4, 5), Jeff Prosise(2), Nikolay Raychev, Andy Beaulieu(2), Corey Schuman(2), Mike Taulty, Jeff Paries, Pete Brown(2, 3), Chris Hay, and Alex Golesh.


If you weren't at MIX09, or didn't get a copy of Laurence Moroney's book, he has blogged: Free Silverlight 3 Book Preview Now available ... even if you got it... get the eBook :)

Koen Zwikstra, who I had the pleasure of meeting at MIX09 has announced: Silverlight Spy update for SL3 and IE8

and in case you missed it in her post, Karen Corby has updated Snippet Manager

If you're wondering when this flood is going to end... I've pushed 95 entries into the database as of this morning, and have 47 queued up in my spreadsheet, not counting anything posted since yesterday, so it's looking like it'll be the weekend before SC returns to normal... but look at all this goodness we're awash in :) Shawn Wildermuth suggested links from the names at the top to the sections at the bottom. At least for now it's labor-intensive, but I'll try to come up with a quicker way to do them.

Mix 09: Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls
Karen Corby ... what more can I say?? Go watch the presentation again (and again), then get the code!
Slides, Demos and Video for my MIX '09 Session - Building Out of Browser Experiences with Microsoft Silverlight 3 MIX09-T45F
Mike Harsh demo'd OOB at MIX09 and if you didn't see it, this is a great session... check out the slides and code!
Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser Chess Application
Joe Stegman's OOB chess app code from his MIX09 session...
Local Messaging Samples
Joe Stegman's code from MIX09 on Local Messaging ...
Chroma Key Pixel Shader Sample
Joe Stegman has posted his Pixel Shader code from MIX09 ... go get it!
Silverlight 3's New Perspective Transform
Jeff Prosise demonstrates Perspective3D by taking a page from his SL1 "Silverlight MyComix viewer", and turning the cover with page 1 on the back of it... pretty cool, and lots of uses!
Perspective 3D in Silverlight 3
Nikolay Raychev demonstrates the Perspective3D code with individual screenshots and code ... small take-away chunks.
PlaneProjection with StoryBoard
Andy Beaulieu targets the PlaneProjection properties with a couple storyboards, and gets a very cool effect... demo and code included :)
Simple Perspective 3D in Silverlight 3
Corey Schuman gives a real quick-and-dirty example of adding Perspective 3D to a project... looking good!
Working with perspective 3D in Expression Blend 3
Corey Schuman then goes on to demonstrate using Perspective 3D from inside Blend ... very cool.
A quick look at Silverlight 3: Projections
Mike Taulty has a nice code-intensive post on the features available to us with the Projection code.
Using the new Silverlight 3 Perspective tools to emulate 3D
Jeff Paries of course takes the Perspective 3D code to a playing card flip around all 3 axes... pretty cool, Jeff! -- and we all get the code as well!
Silverlight 3 – Perspective 3d Transforms – PlaneProjection
Pete Brown demonstrates all the fundamentals of PlaneProjection... great example with sliders to show you what's going on... oh, and the code too :)
Perspective 3D Sample
This is Joe Stegman's Perspective 3D sample from his talk at MIX09 -- check it out even if you were there... very cool, Joe!
HitTest with WriteableBitmap in Silverlight 3
Andy Beaulieu teases us with a 'HitTest' title... and then goes on to explain why, and give us hope for a RTW solution.
WriteableBitmap Gotchas
Chris Hay shares with us some of the areas he had issues while using the WriteableBitmap class... if you haven't started yet, check these out.. thanks Chris!
Silverlight 3's New Writeable Bitmap
Jeff Prosise uses the WriteableBitmap class to deal with the fractal images he had done in a previous post... I love looking at these things! ... ok, back to work :)
Silverlight 3 – The Bitmap API / WriteableBitmap
Pete Brown uses the WriteableBitmap to create a new bitmap pixel-by-pixel in code ... let the inner math guru out :)
Silverlight 3 – Creating Video from Raw Bits using a MediaStreamSource
Pete Brown takes a different route on this one and uses the MediaStreamSource API to get runtime-generated video onto the page ... I've not seen anyone else doing this (yet)
WriteableBitmap Sample
This is Joe Stegman's code from his MIX09 talk ... you can take 'thumbnails' repeatedly from a running video ... I'm sure that will find use
Silverlight 3 Quick Tip #2: How to use WritableBitmap
Alex Golesh demonstrates the WriteableBitmap in a very clever way... copying an active control :)

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