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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this issue: Mark Monster, Jesse Liberty, Eric Mork, Mike Snow, Jeff Weber, Bob Brumfield and Erwin van der Valk, and Dave Campbell.


Looks like I'm in good company with regard to thoughts on Silverlight and Games, Adam Kinney posted Silverlight-based Gaming is about to explode

Integration of browser’s unloading with Silverlight
Mark Monster shows how to keep a user from inadvertently closing a Silverlight page ... not sure I've seen this approached before... very cool!
Hypervideo put to work
Jesse Liberty gives up a link to a site Eric Mork has put up that is downright unreal in the use of Hypervideo... Awesome work Eric ... I'll shake your hand tomorrow :)
Silverlight Tip of Day #97 – How to get an Image’s Source File Name
Mike Snow demonstrates how to retrieve the name of an image programmatically.
Silverlight Game Engine Anyone?
Jeff Weber reports on a new Silverlight Game Engine that's in the works... it appears that it's not going to be cheap, but there's plenty of features to go around.
Building a Prism Application: The Complete Series
I found this by way of Radenko Zec, and Bob Brumfield and Erwin van der Valk have a series of vidos up on their site comprising a 'complete' set of Prism 2 for Silverlight.
Silverlight 2Plus Tutorials 003 - StackPanels/App Layout
Dave Campbell continues with a third beginner's tutorial. This one discussing the layout of a new app and the use of the StackPanel.

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