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In this issue: ScrumWall, Mike Snow, Joel Neubeck, WorkSight Blog, Robby Ingebretsen, and Bill Reiss.


Walt Ritscher has Reflecting on Design #15 up.

Laurent Bugnion announed today: Talking at MIX09: Las Vegas and the continuum... congratulations, Laurent!

Silverlight scrumwall
agileServ has a complete Silverlight application up that is a visual "Scrum Wall" ... you need a login to see it, but it's nicely done.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #96 – The meaning of AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE
Mike Snow helps us all out with that pesky AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE error .. oh come on... you've gotten it!
Silverlight, thanks for the Grid, but I still love my Canvas!
Joel Neubeck expresses his love for the Canvas over the Grid, check out his reasons.
KnownColors and Brushes
The WorkSight Blog has a nice post up on displaying all the named colors and brushes,and the code they did it with... useful and informative.
Fascinating Color Visualization on Kuler
Robby Ingebretsen reports on this very cool Kuler enhancement that has palettes based on country and season... very interesting... and remember, Kuler is Expression-friendly!
Got a Silverlight Game? Want to make some money?
Bill Reiss has a pre-announcement of a Silverlight games site that will be ad-driven ... get your games ready and talk to Bill!

Stay in the 'Light!

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