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In this issue: Maurice de Beijer, Terence Tsang, Christopher Bennage, Lee, and Dave Campbell


The MIX09 blog reports $200 Hosting Credit for MIX09 Attendees in case you can sweet-talk your manager with that :)

David Anson has a bug fix up on his Hashing code: Ambiguous contract is ambiguous [Minor bug fix for CRC32 and MD5Managed HashAlgorithm implementations]

Walt Ritscher has Reflecting on Design #12 up, and this one makes my head hurt just to think about trying to do it ... definitely a LOT more experience shading than I have (and that is a vast understatement).

Mike Ormond has his Demos - Catching Up on Rich Clients Part 2 up -- and there's some good ones in there...

Adam Kinney wants you to tell him a story... um, yeah, that's it ... a Fairy tale even :) read it on his site: Tell a Fairy tale in Silverlight or WPF and win a FREE PASS TO MIX

Changing the MouseOver effect on a Silverlight ListBox
Maurice de Beijer has a cool Blend Tutorial on how to change the mouseover effect on a Listbox... Here's something to chuck into OneNote for when it's 11:30 at night and you can't remember where it was... good stuff, Maurice!
Silverlight vs Flash: Image Manipulation - Scale
Terence Tsang's latest posting is on using the ImageManipulationScale ... cool demo, I was sort of hoping I could drag the upper right corner to the lower left and fold it over, but nope ... he's ahead of me on that one :)
An Essential Tip for Working With XAML
Christopher Bennage has a good tip for working with XAML in Visual Studio, even one in addition to disabling the design view :)
Creating Silverlight MEWA
Lee's latest is a MEWA in Silverlight. If you don't know what a MEWA is, you might not be interested, but it is "Mesh Enabled Web App"... now are you interested ??
Silverlight 2Plus Tutorials 002 - File/New Project
Dave Campbell -- I've got the second tutorial up. This one IS code, and it starts with File/New Project. Many of you won't need to see this, but if you peek at it, nobody will notice :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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