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In this issue: Yasser Makram, Mark Monster, Jesse Liberty, Peter McGrattan, Nigel Sampson, and Radenko Zec.


Crocusgirl has posted A list of my Silverlight Video Player Notes to share.

If you've got an issue with the Silverlight Toolkit, Jeff Wilcox reports The Silverlight Toolkit team is on top of your feedback

The Expression Blend and Design Team asks What Would you Like to See in Future Releases of Deep Zoom Composer?

Koen Zwikstra reports that Silverlight Spy updated (

Displaying Arabic Text in Silverlight
Yasser Makram has a good bit of information up about the issues surrounding displaying Arabic text in Silverlight and links out to resources.
Tracking Silverlight support in Google Analytics
Mark Monster has a post up about getting some Silverlight metrics out of Google Analytics ... cool!
The Layout Model
Jesse Liberty has been playing with the Silverlight Layout System and is going to be treating us to his acquired knowledge in this and some future posts... all good stuff, Jesse, thanks!
Customizing the Silverlight 2 ItemsControl with Templates
Peter McGrattan takes on the ItemsControl using templates and comes up with some cool results... check it out :)
Styling the Focus Panel : Visual State Manager
Nigel Sampson continues with his FocusPanel ... this time stylingwith the VSM. He has, as before, a finished product to check out.
MVVM pattern in Silverlight using SLEextensions
Radenko Zec jumps in on the MVVM pattern and I finally added an MVVM tag. I'll go back and tag the few that have been logged already. Read how he used the CodeProject library SLExtensions.

Stay in the 'Light!

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