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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this issue: Umesh Patel, Eylon Yogev, and Shawn Wildermuth(2).


Walt Ritscher has Reflecting on Design #10 up ... and thse are very cool.

Then in this post: Feel the Power of WPF ListBox Templates, Walt has a link out to US Map in Listbox - WPF

Mike Ormond collected some Demos - Catching Up on Rich Clients Part 1

Shawn Wildermuth gave a shoutout to John Papa, and let everyone else know about a discount on John's book: Get John Papa's Excellent Silverlight Data Service Book for 40 Percent Off!. I haven't given this a proper post myself yet, but the book is great... as Shawn says if you're working with Silverlight and data, you need this book!

Loading Files From a Remote Server in Silverlight
Umesh Patel has a nice tutorial up on SilverlightShow on loading files from a remote server. He even added syntax highlighting to a small extent on files he's viewing ... pretty cool idea!
How to determine the processor count from a Silverlight web page
Eylon Yogev has a post up on CodeProject that he determines the processor count from inside a Silverlight Application ... I can't remember anyone messing with that before...
Twin Cities Developers' Guild Code Sample
Shawn Wildermuth has posted the material for his latest presentation... didn't go? no problem... grab the material anyway!
Tuning Animations in Silverlight Apps
In this post, Shawn Wildermuth tells us about FrameRateCounter and RedrawRegions to help us tweak our applications.

Stay in the 'Light!

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