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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In This issue: Jim Lynn, Pencho Popadiyn, Tim Heuer, Scott Guthrie, Mike Snow, Maurice de Beijer, and Dean Chalk.


Tim Sneath responds to Adobe's latest salvo: Silverlight is FIZZING, Not Fizzling

Walt Ritscher has Reflecting on Design #9 up, and the 'light graffiti' stuff is pretty cool :)

Azret Botash reports an update on the free Silverlght datagrid from Devexpress: Free Silverlight DataGrid is Fast!

If you think you're up to it, Laurence Moroney says Solve the riddle, and get a free pass to MIX. He's going to list the winner tomorrow and put up another -- give it a shot, and let me know you're going :)

I think I've reported on these before, but Walt Ritscher brought them together in one post: Hacking Expression Blend 2 - Add-ins

Jesse Liberty responds to a user request with some helpful hints on asking for helpful hints: Help! The Silverlight Toolkit Ate My PC!

Wrangling very large Deep Zoom images
Jim Lynn is a new name to me.. he sent me this write-up on what to do with very large DZ images... like 123 Gigapixels ... wow... you could paste that sucker on the garage door! I'm still trying to grock 2.5 million tiles... so check it out!
Silverlight n-Puzzle Game
Pencho Popadiyn has a slider puzzle up in Silverlight that he has setup with different images and numbers of tiles. I found it pretty darn hard to work with LARGE numbers of tiles, but it works great, looks great, keeps track of your moves, and he provides the source :)
Moonlight 1.0 Release
Scott Guthrie blogged about the Moonlight release, with multiple links out to other sources.
Moonlight 1.0 Released, Silverlight script updated – and a Chrome hack
Tim Heuer also blogged about Moonlight, and added in an upgrade to Silverlight.js and a Google Chrome hack ... a one-stop shop :)
Silverlight Tip of the Day #94 – Reading XML through LINQ with Silverlight
Mike Snow is on a roll again, following yesterday's post with this one also about reading XML, only this one is by LINQ rather than the XmlReader. The code is definitely cleaner than yesterdays!
Lazy loading using Ninject
Maurice de Beijer follows up his prior Ninject post with this one on lazy loading. Interesting comments to his post also.
Silverlight DataGrid – A Simple Pager Control
Dean Chalk has all the code for putting a Pager facility into the DataGrid for folks that think better that way :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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