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In this issue: Martin Mihaylov, Radenko Zec, Terence Tsang, Mike Snow, and Shawn Wildermuth.


Walt Ritscher has his latest Reflecting on Design #6 up and these not only are very cool, but are the winning entries in the Worldwide Packaging Design Award Competition (link on Walt's page).

Silverlight Metronome
Martin Mihaylov has an awesome metronome up in Silverlight ... yikes... I have to admit, I would NOT have thought to have used a slider for the pendulum... just how cool is that???
Styling silverlight datagrid control
Radenko Zec sent me this link, and I was going to chastise him for not sending me something sooner until I noticed the blog is only 4 days old... I'll catch up tomorrow unless he floods me with entries :) Looking good Radenko!
3D Spiral Image Rotation for MIX 09 Challenge
Terence Tsang didn't get to amaze us with a MIX09 10K entry because he got tagged as a judge, but to make up for it, he posted a cool Spiral Image Rotation to view the multitude of entries. He's having some issues with the Silverlight side, so if you're Kit3D conversant, check it out and give him a hand.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #91 – How to Apply Themes from the Silverlight Toolkit
Mike Snow demonstrates how to make use of all the goodness of the themes in the Toolkit... could have saved me a bunch of time back in November :)
Drag and Drop in Silverlight 2
Shawn Wildermuth responds to the forum and put up a nice artile on Drag and Drop in Silverlight 2... that should answer a few questions!

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