Silverlight Cream for January 28, 2009 -- #500

In this issue: Fabrice Marguerie, Tim Heuer, and Andrej Tozon.


Shawn Wildermuth is taking his Silverlight Tour to Seattle next month, and it's not too late to use a discount coupon on his site: Shameless Plug for the Silverlight Tour. Shawn has also announced a new venture: Announcing AgiliTrain!... this looks like good stuff, so if you or your organization can afford it... I think Shawn can teach it to you!

Tim Sneath takes a look at some of his favorite entries in the MIX 10K contest: What Can YOU Do in 10K of Silverlight or WPF Code?

Koen Zwikstra has a roadmap up for his desired future for Silverlight Spy, and is asking for comments and opinions: Working on the Silverlight Spy Roadmap -- don't know what Silverlight Spy is?? Go check it out!

Jeff Paries had some great news this morning! Speaking @MIX09... very cool, Jeff! I'll be in the front row :)

Life changer XAML tip for Visual Studio
Fabrice Marguerie commiserates with us about xaml editing and shows how to open our xaml with the Source Code editor in VS... you get XAML intellisense, XML collapsing, and xaml context menu!
A comprehensive list to Silverlight Controls for developers
Just today I was wondering where Tim Heuer was spending all his writing time :) ... yikes.. what a list of controls he's produced... great list, Tim!
Silverlight TreeView: MVVM and editing [5 – Add]
Andrej Tozon once again is not wasting any time... he's got part 5 up today, and this one has to do with adding a new item to the TreeView, and also adds in cancel functionality to the add.

Stay in the 'Light!

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posted @ Wednesday, January 28, 2009 9:49 PM

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# re: Silverlight Cream for January 28, 2009 -- #500

Left by Alvin Ashcraft at 1/29/2009 8:54 AM
Congrats on #500, Dave!

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