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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this issue: Russell Greenspan, Andrej Tozon, Patrick Keating, Timmy Kokke, csharpsean, John Stockton, Mike Snow, Terence Tsang, Ning Zhang, and Lee.

Microphone access in Silverlight via Flash and JavaScript
Russell Greenspan shows us how to get past the no microphone in Silverlight thing by going through Flash or Java along the way.... great idea and since I've never coded Flash, good info... thanks Russell!
Silverlight TreeView: MVVM and editing [1]
Andrej Tozon was all over WPF at last year's summit, but whoa... look who's all over Silverlight! This is part 1 of a series on the Silverlight TreeView and MVVM.
Silverlight Feedbooks RSS Browser - Part 1
Patrick Keating is a new name... he has started a series on Silverlight aggregating Feedbook's RSS feed and then allowing manipulation of the data... nicely done.
Shrinking code for the Mix09 10k challenge
Timmy Kokke hasn't posted his MIX 10K challenge code yet, but he has a post up with 12 tips for shrinking your code if you're planning on it.
Silverlight 2: Silverlight Slide Show 2 Preview – Flickr User Photos Provider
I found this via Koen Zwikstra because csharpsean has a tutorial up for using Koen's Silverlight Slideshow.
CodeMash Wrapup
John Stockton spoke at CodeMash and has a post up about it and links out to other folks plus slides and code for his presentation.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #84 – How to Dynamically Load a Control from a DLL
Mike Snow shows us how to package up a control in a DLL, instantiate one of them from the DLL and get it into our app... very cool!
Kit 3D vs Paper Vision 3D: Image Rotating Cube
Terence Tsang's latest post is comparing Kit3D vs PaperVision while rotating a cube... and that thing is awesome! He says it took 45 minutes ... would take me 45 minutes to figure out where to get all the pieces :)
How to Add an Toolbox Icon for Your Silverlight Control
Ning Zhang has a detailed post up on adding a toolbox icon for the Silverlight controls ... default or Toolkit.
Creating DataGridDateColumn for DataGrid
Lee has a post up showing how to inherit from DataGridBoundColumn and saving a lot of code duplication.

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