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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this issue: Quadra Silverlight Outsourcing, Denis Dollfus, Karsten Januszewski, Tim Greenfield, Alex Golesh, Jeff Wilcox, Jaime Rodriguez, Mike Snow, and the Swiss MSDN Team Blog.

Laurence Moroney gives a reference to Some great new Silverlight Apps from the Netherlands :)

Dialog Control
Quadra Silverlight Outsourcing sent in another link, and this one for a very nice-looking Dialog Control. Keep this stuff coming guys... it's all good :)
Silverlight : Sealver Algea
Denis Dollfus sent me this link, and unless you speak French, I think you'll be at a disadvantage :) There is some English near the bottom. In his email, Denis said "It's something between art, nature and fun. You will see some kind of sea anemones that smoothy follow the current swell. Actually I was a bit surprised by the smoothness of the animation despite a lot of computation dedicated to assigning point positions in real-time. Though I used several astutes in order to compute physics quickly enough." He also said "Farseer is not used here. Sources (as they are, should be cleaned for sure) are downloadable from this site", and he has a running example at this location... fun to play with, and interesting, Denis!
Unify, Colorful Expression, ColourLovers: More Love For Expression Blend
Karsten Januszewski discusses the latest Expression Blend add-ons and Unify which is an add-on manager.
Reusable Silverlight border control with a header
Tim Greenfield demonstrates and gives to all of us a border control with a header on it... very cool.
Silverlight in the Mesh and the “Cloud” – Introduction/Teaser (Part 1)
Alex Golesh gives his blueprint for Silverlight in 'the cloud'. If you're interestedin Azure, check this out.
MergeDefaultStyles build task improves control development (w/source)
Jeff Wilcox references the toolkit and jumps right into building a MergeDefaultStylesTask with msbuild. This is all seriously cool stuff for keeping your app looking like it was all written by the same company.
XAML guidelines part 3
Jaime Rodriguez has drafts to some XAML guidelines he's proposing, and is asking for feedback.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #81 – How to Scale your Silverlight Control
Mike Snow explains how to use ScaleMode correctly to get your app to scale like you want it to.
Silverlight 2: Tunneling a PUT through POST with RESTful WCF Services
The Swiss MSDN Team Blog take a page from Phoenix' own Rob Bagby for this one. Check out Rob's series on his site... good stuff!

Stay in the 'Light!

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