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In this issue: Quadra Silverlight Outsourcing, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Laurence Moroney, Terence Tsang, and Robby Ingebretsen.


For those of you not up on it yet, Laurence Moroney has a post up about Silverlight and Windows Live.

Barak has a couple cool New Year's Cards up. I liked the video on the Ascentium one, but the comments on the Razorfish are pretty good, such as "Seattle grunge band discovers a fifth chord" :)

Quadra Silverlight Image Carousel
Quadra Silverlight Outsourcing wrote to me about another of their offerings to the developer community... a very nice Image Carousel. Check out the demo, and give it a dance.
Tip: Getting Hierarchical Entities via ADO.NET Data Services from Silverlight
John Papa has a great ADO.NET Data Services blog post up. I've just started reading his Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 and I recommend not only his blog, but the book very highly... it covers every aspect of data and Silverlight that you can imagine. I'll mention more about that later, but wanted to say that much now!
Screencast of Silverlight installation on Linux
Tim Heuer demonstrates installing Silverlight on OpenSUSE. This has been a while in coming, so I'm sure it's going to get wrung out pretty well.
Silverlight 2 Update for BiDirectional Text in Hebrew and Arabic
Laurence Moroney posted this on Monday and I blew past it and shouldn't have ... this is a Silverlight bidi solution posted on CodePlex.
Silverlight vs Flash: Double Click
Terence Tsang discusses, implements, and demos double-clicks in Silverlight. I didn't consider it a big deal... I don't think I ever wrote a win32 app that didn't have a message loop, and lots of times I had double-click problems in winforms... similar solution I'm thinking... and he's also getting lots of advice in the comments :)
Become a Kaxaml Power User in about 7 Minutes
Robby Ingebretsen has 3 videos up on his site for using Kaxaml... please don't say "what is Kaxaml"... at least not out loud :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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Thanks for making me aware of the Terence Tsang post; I'm considering implementing the functionality into my own Silverlight app

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