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In this issue: James Bacon, Chris Anderson, Jesse Liberty, Expression Blend and Design Blog, Laurent Bugnion, John Stockton, Alex Golesh, Gerard Leblanc, Lee, Andy Beaulieu, Jonathan van de Veen(3), Jobi Joy, and Damon Payne.

I think everybody was working on stuff over the holidays and dumped it onto the interweb last night!


Jeff Wilcox has aggregated A bunch of AutoCompleteBox posts... save you some search time.

Jeff also asks Using the Silverlight Toolkit? Let us know!. Here's your chance to get onto Jeff's blog :)

It's not exactly Silverlight, but it's dang cool, Adam Kinney reports TEWON35 prototype for Microsoft Surface from 2ndFactory.

Bill Reiss reports that they are Looking for Silverlight/Cloud/Online Services speakers at South Florida Code Camp 2009 ... so if you're in Florida, or would rather be, give that a look!

Useful Resources for Silverlight game developers and designers
James Bacon sent me the info on SL Game dev resources that they've put out at Mashooo. I'm taking his word for it right now, because I can't get to Mashooo from here, but I'm sure most of you can, so check it out!
Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 6
Chris Anderson has posted Part 6 of his Silverlight LOB app at SilverlightShow ... this one concentrates on Reporting functionality. Lots of details... good reading material.
Building A HyperVideo Player – Phase 1
Jesse Liberty has Phase 1 of his HyperVideo player series up. In great detail and a great tutorial format, he makes this really easy to follow ... thanks Jesse!
A UserControl base class for Visual State Manager
If you've hesitated building that custom control, the Expression Blend and Design Blog may have come to your rescue with the UserControl base class with a bunch of the hoo-ha already in place... plus a complete example is included ... how cool is that?
My MIX 10K entry
Laurent Bugnion jumped in with a MIX 10K entry that looks great... it's amazing what all these folks are doing with only 10K! ... go check them all out and vote.
Silverlight Animations: What are KeySplines and why should you care?
John Stockton has a great tutorial on what keysplines and easing is all about... if you don't know, this is a great starting point!
AutoCompleteBox tip: Writing a new text filter in VB
Did you want an "AND" for your AutoCompleteBox? How about a filter in VB? Well Jeff Wilcox has both of those in his latest post...
Silverlight Tip: Dynamic animations
Alex Golesh has built a proof-of-concept demo of building animations at run-time for almost anything... pretty cool :)
Master pages in Silverlight - Part I
Gerard Leblanc has a very cool MasterPage example running on his blog... you need to check this one out.
Tip:Changing Foreground on row selection in Datagrid
Lee decided it's easier to write a couple lines of code to change the foreground of cells in a datagrid when the row is selected than to mess with templates, and he gives us the few lines :)
Blend and Silverlight with VS Dev Web Server
Andy Beaulieu talks about issues with VS and Blend and WCF and the default port for the Development Web Service ... he found something that might surprise you!
Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application part #3
Jonathan van de Veen was busy... in this first post, he details the 3rd in a series on building an enterprise SL Application, and details how he handles multiple XAP files. He also opened a blog post that he will update as he goes with Random hints and tips on Silverlight, and decided to give more precedence to one on Troubleshooting Silverlight Isolated Storage
Mix 10K Coding Challenge - Few Tips I have used to limit the code size
Jobi Joy shares tips that he learned while working on his MIX 10K Challenge -- all good info if you're thinking of entering :)
Run time is design time for AGT[17]
I've finally worked my way up the stack to Damon Payne's latest AGT post, this one from December 02, 2008... and he's finished up some very cool editing of properties paying attention to the groupings selected.

Stay in the 'Light!

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# re: Silverlight Cream for December 06, 2009 -- #477
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December or January? is Dec, I'd daresay we're jumping the gun ;)
Left by Stacy Vicknair on Jan 06, 2009 3:09 PM

# re: Silverlight Cream for January 06, 2009 -- #477
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Thanks Stacy...

That would have been a very early December posting, and not many SC posts for the year either... thanks for being the first to point that out.

It had to happen ... took me until the 6th to mess up the month or year... :)

Left by Dave on Jan 06, 2009 3:22 PM

# re: Silverlight Cream for January 06, 2009 -- #477
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Hi Dave,

Thank you for Silverlight cream.
We constantly visit the site to get the latest news on Silverlight.
On your post you said you couldn't see the mashooo website.
Were you having internet problems? did you use some kind of custom browser?
I am asking because we want to make sure there is no problem with the site.


Left by James Bacon on Jan 07, 2009 6:18 AM

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