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In this issue: Maurice de Beijer, Damon Payne, Expression Blend and Design BLog, Bart Czernicki, Ning Zhang, and Jesse Liberty.


If you haven't seen Silverlight Solution Center, check it out: Microsoft Help and Support

Unit testing in Silverlight part 1
Maurice de Beijer sent me this link to part one of a series he's doing on Silverlight Unit Testing. I'll catch up with him, but if you're more interested, you can read ahead on his blog :)
Run time is design time for AGT[9]
This is my latest of Damon Payne's postings in his AGT-building series. In this one, Damon bemoans the look-and-feel he's achieved and discusses his future visual needs for the program.
Creating Falling Snow in Silverlight!
If you are pretty much anywhere in the US right now, you probably have enough snow, but the Expression Blend and Design Blog has a very cool post up on adding snow to your Silverlight page... very cool, and seasonal :)
Silverlight 3 - What we Know So Far & What We Can Predict (Part 2 of 3)
Bart Czernicki has put up his 3rd part in the Silverlight "Predict the future" series :) ... check it out and see if you agree!
Design Time Feature Implementation in Silverlight Toolkit
Ning Zhang has a follow-on article to his Design-Time Feature post from a while back. This one explains the implementation in great detail.
Jesse Liberty is getting ready to start a series on HyperVideo, and has a great intro into the subject up on his site.

Stay in the 'Light!

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