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In this issue: Damon Payne, Bryant Likes, Expression Blend and Design BLog, Jesse Liberty, and Kevin Dockx.

Shoutouts, and almost as many of these as Silverlight posts:

This isn't Silverlight, but the Shoutouts aren't necessarily :) ... Bill Reiss announed that Dr. Popper now on Xbox Live Community Games... very cool, Bill!

Joe Stegman has an Update on Silverlight and Opera from yesterday's post... if you're using Opera and Sivlerlight, give this a read.

Jeff Paries has entered the MIX 10K Challenge Entry... check it out... he's only at 3/4 of the size!

Terence Tsang has one last Merry Christmas - Flash Christmas Ecard for the season.

Run time is design time for AGT [5]
This is Damon Payne's 6th installation on this long series, and notice Damon's name is spelled correctly :)
Switching XAP Files on the Client Side
Bryant Likes responds to a forum post and has an article up on switching XAP files on the client side.
Holiday Savings – Add Expression Blend 2 to Your Design Tool Set
As if getting the Expression Suite for 50% off isn't enough, the Expression Blend and Design Blog has advertised smoking upgrade prices on invidual packages ... and they're being very lenient with what you can upgrade from!
Application Set: Templates & Custom Controls
Since what I do with Silverlight Cream is link blog other people's work, I hate to generally mention another link set, but Jesse Liberty has his latest work laid out so nicely I couldn't pass it up ... yikes, what a bunch of effort, and learning there... go get it!
Customizing the Labels on an Axis of the Silverlight Toolkit Chart
Kevin Dockx shows us how to set the labels on the axes of a Chart ... the trick is finding which property :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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