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In this issue: Pencho Popadiyn, Infragistics, Damon Payne, David Betz, Koen Zwikstra, Jaime Rodriguez, Jeff Wilcox(2), Karl Shifflett, and Jonathan van de Veen(2).

Exploring the Model – View – Controller (MVC) pattern
Pencho Popadiyn at SilverlightShow has (I think) the first entry for the Write & Win Contest up .. this one is on MVC in Silverlight ... good-looking tutorial.
Infragistic's Holiday Gift
Infragistics sent out an email yesterday. If you aren't on the list, this link is the body of the email. click on the grid on the upper left, and you'll get to a page with a download of the CTP and below that link is a link to the LOB example they have up ... if that example doesn't make you want to download the CTP, check your pulse :)
Run time is design time for AGT [0]
Damon Payne has a real jump on this project, but I thought I'd go back to the beginning and start highlighting his posts. This is the first one, and I believe he's up to 17 now, so it might be a good project to work along with him on!
FREE Silverlight Training on the Web
David Betz aggregated a bunch of Silverlight resources on the web into this one posting. Even though he totally skipped me, I'm listing his link :) ... [just kidding, David]
Parts & States presentation
Koen Zwikstra gave a Parts and States presentation at a local (to him) Software Development Event. He talked about Parts and States and says the material will be up soon.
XAML practices series, part1
Jaime Rodriguez interviewed a bunch of XAML luminaries from Identity Mine: Jonathan Russ, Nathan Dunlap and Jared Potter. Give this a listen to see what they have to say.
Help us improve the Silverlight Toolkit CodePlex site
Jeff Wilcox is asking for feedback on the Silverlight Toolkit CodePlex site ... check it out and step right up!
Silverlight ListBox with text searching
Jeff Wilcox also has a post up on searching inside a ListBox ... this is very cool, and a very intuitive interface. I use something like this all the time on the Intranet apps I work on during the day, so seeing this in Silverlight is very cool!
WPF Toolkit DatePicker Memory Leak Problem
This IS a WPF post, but Karl Shifflett has found a memory leak in the WPF Toolkit DatePicker. I thought it was important enough to mention for those of you that also do WPF.
Highlighting databound information in Silverlight
Jonathan van de Veen has a couple articles up. Unfortunately I can't get to Blogspot from this facility. This first post was the end result of wanting to highlight search results that were bound to a table and not finding a source for code to do so, he invented his own. In the second post, Jonathan details the trials of building an enterprise app in Silverlight to hopefully save you some time: Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application part #1

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