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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
In this issue: Kevin Dockx, Jeff Wilcox, Karsten Januszewski, and the Library of Congress... really!

Silverlight: Scale from sender-popup animation
Kevin Dockx sent me this yesterday... and it works great... it's modal popups flying out to the center of the app from the point of button push... which, realistically, could be anywhere... good job, Kevin.. thanks!
Silverlight Charting: Creating rich data point tooltips
Jeff Wilcox takes tooltips in the Charts to a new level ... check it out... and you're going to be using this stuff, yeah you are!
BlendSense: XAML Intellisense for Expression Blend
Karsten Januszewski had a bunch of posts up yesterday about Oomph (see the MIX09 site). He also had this one describing how to get XAML Intellisense in Expression Blend. It's not a Silverlight Silver bullet, but it's better than a Silver poke in the eye with a sharp stick :)
Happy Holidays!
Karen Corby had some unplanned time off work and created a Silverlight Christmas Card... get well, Karen, and Merry Christmas to you as well!
Library of Congress myLOC
I found this by way of the Public Sector Weblog. The Library of Congress has a myLOC site up that you can view Exhibitions in Silverlight, and add links to a personal collection that you can view if you login ... DeepZoom documents behind the Declaration of Independence, for instance. Very cool!

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