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In this issue: Timmy Kokke, Martin Mihaylov(2), CASON Engineering Plc., Bryant Likes(2), and Stefan Olson.

Since I had seven submittals, I decided to do them first today and post my web-scrapings later :)

Silverlight Without XAML
I'm not sure Timmy Kokke has a blog... if he does, send it to me, I'd like to track this. He has ripped page.xaml and app.xaml out of the project and is building his app in code behind ... interesting. My OutlookBar is pretty close to that... all the xaml has in it is "Loading Menu" ... but interesting to see where Timmy is headed... thanks!
Tip: How to handle the MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseLeftButtonUp events of the Button control?
Martin Mihaylov posted this tip about the Left Mouse Button and up/down events.
Tip: Avoid parameters without values in the object element
Martin also has a good word-to-the-wise post about defining parameters on the Silverlight object.
DIWICON-M Mobile Workforce Management and Personal Security application
CASON Engineering Plc. sent me this link, and although you can only run it as a demo ... wow... I'm impressed with all that went into this. I hope the demo login that you use really is 'demo' data because a couple times I got alerts that someone needed assistance! ... good stuff if you want to see what folks are really doing with Silverlight!
Silverlight IValueConverter vs. TypeConverter
Bryant Likes sent me this link on a discussion of IValueConverter and TypeConverter and an attempt at answering a forum question related to all this, and lots of links out to other sources ... thanks Bryant!
Deep Zoom Image Generation with DeepZoomTools.DLL
Bryant also has a post up about his work using the new toys in the DeepZoom drop I just blogged about yesterday I think... good example and links.
Single Sourcing WPF and Silverlight
Stefan Olson blogged about his experience in trying to share code between WFP and Silverlight ... read what he was able to do and what not... good article from the working side of Silverlight.

Stay in the 'Light!

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Wow...haven't seen our stuff in the English media yet. Thanks for giving DIWICON some air-time. BTW the the tracking data and alarms aren't simulated...but don't worry - its usually just us showing off. :)
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