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In this issue: Jonathan van de Veen, Bart Czernicki, Tim Greenfield, Ben Waggoner, Ning Zhang, Jesse Liberty, Jonas Follesø, Jafar Husain, Expression Team Blog, Adam Kinney, and Gerard Leblanc.


Jose R. Guay Paz reports Enter the Manning Free Ebook a Day giveaway... free is a definite good deal!

Jeff Weber details that the Popfly Game Creator Updating to Silverlight 2. If you want to see what can be done with Popfly, check out the MSDN team blog roll on my blog page.

Matthias Shapiro has updated his projects to Silverlight 2.

Using the popup element in Silverlight
Jonathan van de Veen has a nice long explanation and code for using the popup in Silverlight 2 ... plus he's asking for opinions for what to blog about!
Best WCF Book and WCF Resource - 2nd Edition
Bart Czernicki put up a great workup on Juwal Lowy's WCF book -- this looks like one to buy. It's supposedly not overly Silverlight oriented, but hey...
Silverlight GroupBox control
Tim Greenfield took on the GroupBox control as a task ... and came up with a winner. I'm going to add this one to my toolbox... very cool :)
Custom Slider for Silverlight 2 Media Players available for download
Ben Waggoner has the code for his Custom Slider for Silverlight 2 Media Players available on his site.
Customize Silverlight Toolkit Controls: Expander
Ning Zhang expands on a much-requested subject on the forums: customizing the Expander control... great-looking post.
Graphing – Silverlight Toolkit
Jesse Liberty's latest post is a start to the use of Graphs using the Silverlight Toolkit... this is going to be a great series... so pay attention!
Podcast on DataBinding
Jesse Liberty's latest podcast on Erik Mork's Sparkling Client Podcast... this one about Data Binding... and Jesse has links out to a bunch of resources.
Is Silverlight 2 Ready for Business Applications?
Jonas Follesø has a very detailed post up about why Silverlight 2 is ready for LOB apps... a great read!
Protected Dependency Properties Are Not Really
Jafar Husain details a discussion about Protected Dependency Properties with Justin Angel.
Deep Zoom Composer Updated: Seadragon Ajax Support, New API, and more!
The Expression Blend Blog reports a new Deep Zoom composer and it has a lot of enhancements over the previous including Seadragon Ajax support and more templates.
XAML Power Toys from Karl Shifflett
Adam Kinney has a video of Karl Shifflett ... and wow is Adam right about remembering Karl. At the MVP summit this spring, Karl was at my table, and got seated next to Nikhil Kothari... Karl immediately took on Nikhil big-time. When I left, he was still engaging him in conversation :)
Menus, part V : Sliding menu
Gerard Leblanc has the 5th installment of his menu excursion up on his site... this one is very cool with slide-down panels that have graphics on them.

Stay in the 'Light!

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