Silverlight Cream for November 17, 2008 -- #430

In this issue: Martin Mihaylov, Ivan Dragoev, Jesse Liberty, Scott Guthrie, Laurent Bugnion, Ning Zhang, and Jonas Follesø.

Brad Abrams posts a question to all of us: What Does that .NET Namespace Mean: System.* and Microsoft.*... give him some feedback!

Boyan Nikolov reports The Number class and the Calculator app updated after his calculator got some prime time.

Corey Schuman gives us a hint why he's been relatively quiet lately: Microsoft Expression Blend Visual Quickstart Guide is almost here!

Changing the style of the selected row of the DataGrid control
Martin Mihaylov has a nice tutorial up on styling the selected row of a DataGrid ... dang.. you know you're going to want to!
Tip: What is control skinning?
Ivan Dragoev has a Tip up about control skinning ... quick and to the point information...
Tip: What is the difference between styling and skinning
Ivan also has a tip up on the difference between styling and skinning... if I say too much more, my blather will be bigger than the tip :)
Silverlight Related Skills – Post #1
Jesse Liberty is starting a couple posts on stuff ya need to know with respect to Silverlight... good informtion and links!
Update on Silverlight 2 - and a glimpse of Silverlight 3
Yikes... I didn't see this one coming... Scott Guthrie opens the gates on SL3 with: H 264 video support, "3D and GPU hardware acceleration", and other enhancements that after those last two everyone stopped reading :) ... no really, that's what he said!
It's podcast season: Herding code
Another Podcast interview with Laurent Bugnion... good job, my friend... everyone send Laurent congratualatory emails on his upcoming job change :)
NumericUpDown Control in Silverlight Toolkit
Ning Zhang is writing about the NumericUpDown Control from the Toolkit, and who better to write about it than the author great tutorial!
Combining different Separated Presentation Patterns
Jonas Follesø has a very detailed (as usual) article up on Presentation Patterns and Silverlight... I particularly like your hand-written marginal notes!

Stay in the 'Light!

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