Silverlight Cream for October 31, 2008 - 2 -- #416

In this issue: John Stockton, Pierlag, Mel Lota, Ning Zhang, Carole Snyder, Martin Grayson, Jesse Liberty, Public Sector DPE Team, Mike Ormond, Andy Beaulieu, and Arturo Toledo.

Somasegar has an Application Architecture Guide 2.0 referenced on his site that bears reading.

The Swiss MSDN Team Blog invites you to Try out the DeepZoom app on our Shape Website ... and this is very nicely done...

Dan Wahlin reports his AlbumViewer Application for Silverlight 2 Released .

Silverlight Training: Week 1 – Introduction to Silverlight
John Stockton comes in second for who I want to be when I grow up... well, ok ... him and Pete, and Jose, and Tim, and Jesse, and ... you get the idea, but John just crossed the country to a new job and is now setting up a Silverlight training class for the folks he's working with, and he's going to share it with all of us as well...
New version SLExtensions Alpha 2
pierlag keeps popping up in my inbox :) ... but wow... check out this stuff... this is almost like Tookit2 or something!
Adding Silverlight Toolkit Controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox
Justin Angel sent me an email and this post by Mel Lota was included... I'll be watching Mel's blog. This article on adding the Toolkit controls to the palette should prove useful if you haven't already done so.
Silverlight Toolkit Unit Test
I had not heard of Ning Zhang prior to Justin's email either, but have added him to my list of bloggers. Ning discusses the innards of the Unit Testing in the Silverlight Toolkit
Different kinds of controls you can make in Silverlight
Carole Snyder on the SilverlightSDK talks about controls of all types, what makes them different, how to use and build them.
Blacklight – Controls for Designers - v1.0 Released!
If you haven't checked out BlackLight yet, stop reading and take the link... seriously! ... Martin Grayson has Version 1.0 out now, and this is the good stuff folks!
Themes Revisited: The Implicit Style Manager
Jesse Liberty takes his first shot at ISM ... discussing how to accomplish it very succinctly... good stuff!
Silverlight 2 at PDC
The Public Sector DPE Team posted a list of all the Silverlight 2 sessions from PDC and links to Channel 9 ... cool!
Offline Silverlight Applications
Mike Ormond discusses Silverlight Offline and highlights the appropriate PDC2008 sessions ... check back later to see when they may be available.
Silverlight Futures: Building Business Focused Applications
Andy Beaulieu has an article on building business apps with Silverlight, and references Jamie Cool's PDC2008 presentation, now available on Channel 9.
Free Expression Blend 2 video series for Designers
Arturo Toledo gives a list of Blend 2 videos for Designers --- or Designer wanna-be's --- or you Devigners out there :)

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Silverlight Cream for October 31, 2008 -- #415

In this issue: Jeff Wilcox, Jordan Knight, Justin Angel, Imran Shaik, Corey Schuman, Jeff Paries, and Jafar Husain.

I stopped at these 9 entries for now just to get them out. I've got 9 queued up behind these and that's just from me running my big list-o-blogs about 10:30 last night and what's been submitted since! ... a very prolific bunch you are :)

AutoCompleteBox: The 5 things you need to know
Jeff Wilcox has a trilogy about the AutoComplete box. This first is exactly what it says: 5 things you need to know. He followed that up immediately with AutoCompleteBox: Video introduction, and then this one Introducing the AutoCompleteBox with lashup to a webservice
Reduce your XAP size in seconds
Jordan Knight discusses squeezing more space out of your XAP.
Silverlight Toolkit: DockPanel
In addition to posting to the Insiders group, and keeping up with blogs (I've seen comments from him on some I scan), he also still finds time to blog himself! -- this one is a deep dive on the DockPanel... good stuff, Justin!
Developing Custom Controls in Silverlight 2
Imran Shaik provides a very nice tutorial on Developing Custom Controls... good detail, Imran -- thanks!
Silverlight and the object tag
Corey Schuman digs into the Object Tag and provides us all with a complete reference for all the parameters.
Microsoft “Oslo” site -
Dang... I think I want to be Jeff Paries when I grow up :) ... in addition to all the animation stuff he does ... he gets to work with the coolest stuff during the day ... such as this site about Oslo... looks great, Jeff!
ImplicitStyleManager: Under the Hood
When Jafar Husain says he's going 'under the hood' with ImplicitStyleManager... take him for his word ... this is what it does, not how to use it! ... but all great info for those of you that always have to go that one step farther :)

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Phoenix Silverlight User's Group Meeting 11/5/08

Please join me at Interface Technical Training at Central and Thomas in downtown Phoenix next Wednesday, November 5th at 6pm for our next regularly scheduled Phoenix Silverlight User's Group Meeting.

Joel Neubeck of Terralever is going to be speaking to us on his rating control and "demonstrate how to use vsm, control templates, depedency properties, etc."

This should be a great presentation!

As a warm-up to Joel's material, check out his article on the Microsoft Expression newsletter site: Article Series: Developing a Casual Game with Silverlight 2.

See you there... and if you get there early, save me a seat!

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