Silverlight Cream for October 29, 2008 - 3 -- #413

In this issue: Jeff Handley, David Anson, Jafar Husain, Justin Angel, Beatriz Stollnitz, Scott Barnes, Chris Anderson, Dave Burke, Bart Czernicki, Terence Tsang, Ben Waggoner, The Silverlight SDK, Joe Stegman, and Lee... whew!

Hang in there with me, this is quite a few, especially considering it's the third post today... I'm getting slammed by all the toolkit stuff, and I'm picking through trying not to really list content, trust me!

Karl Shifflett reports that XAML Power Toys 3.5 Released Updated For New WPF & Silverlight Toolkits.

Jeff Prosise reports that his Page-Turn Framework Updated for Silverlight 2 .

Silverlight Control Template Doesn’t Get Applied
Jeff Handley has a new post out on a Template issue that has bit him a couple times and what to do when it happens to you.
Live ChartBuilder sample and source code!
David Anson popped up today with a ChartBuilder tool ... you gotta go see this ... I'll still be here typing when you get back.
Building an Observable Model in Silverlight
Jafar Husain is one of the Toolkit team members and I believe I forgot to add his blog to SilverlightCream but I will. This post by him is NOT on the Toolkit, but is a very cool detailed article.
Silverlight Toolkit: Label
Justin Angel couldn't contain himself... ok, so that was too easy :) ... if you know Justin you'll know the inside joke there! ... he had to post again, and today he posted about the Label component of the Toolkit... lots more info than you may expect! (you know I'm just pulling your chain!)
How can I expand items in a TreeView? - Part I
Beatriz Stollnitz is one of the Toolkit team members. I've added her blog to SilverlightCream, and this first post I'm highlighting by her is on the TreeView and is chock full of code...
Silverlight Toolkit Released.
Scott Barnes has a deceptively plain Silverlight Toolkit post wrapped around a give-away for a creative developer ... check it out!
Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 2
Chris Anderson is writing for SilverlightShow now -- congrats on that, Chris! And he takes off on part 2 of his Silverlight LOB app.
Passing Querystring Parameters to a Silverlight Control
Dave Burke gives links to a couple screencasts on the subject then expands a bit on his own.
Silverlight 2 for Mobile - Why you should start using a MVC pattern
Bart Czernicki references an article by Chris Hay that I had bypassed... and then goes on to expand on the subject... good information and a definite good read (both of them).
Silverlight vs Flash: Audio Player
Terence Tsang tackles his first audio post... loading an external audio file.
New Custom Slider for Silverlight 2 media players
Ben Waggoner takes on a Custom Slider for Media players... and that code and xaml came through very nice from WLW, Ben... I've gotta look into that!
List of Silverlight bugs and Workarounds
The Silverlight SDK has a post out about some *bugs* in Silverlight and workarounds for them ... hey team, check on these :)
PhotoZoom Sample
Joe Stegman has an example using PhotoZoom, and a link to another... this will resolve the problem I've got with vacation photos for sure :)
Changing Styles using ImplicitStyleManager
Lee has a quick-and-dirty post up showing the use of the ImplicitStyleManager, doesn't say much about it, but the sample shows it in action

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Silverlight Cream for October 29, 2008 - 2 -- #412

In this issue: Justin Angel, Ruurd Boerke, Jeff Wilcox, Pete Brown, and Tim Heuer.

This is the 3rd post that's pretty well dedicated to the Silverlight Toolkit release. This catches me up with all the ones I've been sent, but I'm sure I'll find more for later... so come back for more!

A few people had some good introductory posts that I only thought fair to mention because they'll be back with more content later: Shawn Wildermuth posted Silverlight 2 Toolkit, Shawn Oster posted The Silverlight Toolkit and You, and Bruce Abernathy posted ImplicitStyleManager – Hidden Gem in the Silverlight Toolkit November 2008.

Silverlight Toolkit November 2008 Overview
Justin Angel has a very complete, long-running blog post on ALL the Components in the toolkit ... you can tell he's been working on this for a while... great job, Justin, thanks!
Zooming into a chart
Ruurd Boerke is a new name to me, by way of Justin. I've added him to my daily list and the blog tag on SilverlightCream. He goes into detail on the Zooming effects of the Chart Component... now THAT's cool!
Autocomplete box accessing a webservice walk-through
Ruurd REALLY digs into a great example using the AutoCompleBox in a WebService example ... good stuff!
Sorry boss, I just released the new Silverlight Controls source code to the world.
Jeff Wilcox gives the nod to Shawn Burke as the man behind the curtain of the Toolkit, but outs himself as the guy that posted everything... that's gotta feel good! Jeff has lots of great links, and talks about the AutoCompleteBox... love the "already plenty of coverage out there" links, Jeff :)
Silverlight Toolkit (Silverlight 2 Control Pack) - Charting
This is Pete Brown's intro to the Toolkit and he delves into the Charting Components for our pleasure.
Silverlight Toolkit Released – More controls!
Tim Heuer has a nice intro to the toolkit and as others, he is taking a bit deeper look at the Charting components... love the demos, Tim!
Silverlight Tools RTW
Tim also explains the CTP/RTW of the Toolkit... read this!

Stay in the 'Light!

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Silverlight Cream for October 29, 2008 -- #411

In this issue: Chad Campbell, Jonas Follesø, and Bill Reiss.

This is more of the early posters about yesterday's release of the Silverlight Toolkit. These are my 'home boys' ... sites I can't get to from work, so I have to do them from home :) These are ready to post so they're going even though I have more.

In an email from a PM on the Toolkit team, I received a list of 24 links. I felt pretty good, because including this post, I'd already blogged about 14 of them and of the remaining 10, 5 are from team members whose blogs I haven't been watching (until now)... all good great stuff... and it means you know I have more coming later on today.

In case you're not familiar with them, there are a few ways to get directly to this information:

  1. -- take the Search link on the left, and SilverlightToolkit is one of the tags
  2. -- I tag tons of stuff at my main site, and you can get directly to them by tag such as Silverlight Toolkit
  3. My MSDN Social Bookmarks -- I have lots of tags and one is Silverlight Toolkit

Silverlight 2 - Introducing the Chart Control
Chad Campbell is out of hiding now that his book is off his plate and on the shelves... so this is probably just the beginning of the goodness from him: Chad displays the chart in demos and descriptions with links out to downloads of the code behind the samples
Silverlight 2 - Getting Started with the Chart Control
In Chad's next one, he has links to download everything needed and a great tutorial on exactly what to do to get the chart working in your app.
Change the look of your Silverlight application using Themes
Jonas Follesø posted 3 articles since I looked yesterday... this first one discusses themes in SL and specifically covers the ImplicitStyleManager that is part of the Toolkit release.
New layout controls in the Silverlight Toolkit
In the second post, Jonas gives a good code and screenshot walkthrough of the DockPanel, WrapPanel, and ViewBox
Improve your user experience using the AutoCompleteBox
Rounding out the trio, Jonas not only demos the AutoCompleteBox, but he styles it into his Dive Log application.
Viewbox in the Silverlight Toolkit
Last but not least of the morning's info is Bill Reiss discussing the ViewBox ... with some great examples of when and why it's useful.

Stay in the 'Light!

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