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In this issue: Jesse Liberty, Michael Sync, Shawn Burke, David Anson, Andy Beaulieu, Dan Wahlin, Laurent Bugnion, Expression Blend and Design Blog, Lee, and Mike Snow

Kathy Kam reports that Silverlight 2 has RTW! (a week ago) , and her controls sample is updated... she also hints she is working on another sample... I'm guessing it's with the Toolkit :)

Toolkit release & Themes
Jess Liberty posted about the Toolkit and Themes release today, with a bunch of screenshots and a bit of code.
Silverlight Toolkit CTP released
Michael Sync has a description of the Toolkit and some screenshots, then jumps right in with Silverlight Toolkit - Using Silverlight TreeView Control
Silverlight Toolkit Now Available For Download
Shawn Burke has an article up on the Toolkit as well with a bunch of detailed information about the various groupings. Page Brooks also has a nice layout according to the 'bands' described.
Silverlight Toolkit released today at PDC!
David Anson does a great job concentrating solely on the charting capabilities of the Toolkit.
The Silverlight Toolkit is Live
Andy Beaulieu explains how to add the controls to the toolbox and digs into the Tree Control.
Silverlight Toolkit Released
Dan Wahlin has a LOT of code and examples in his Toolkit blog post... I think him and Laurent (next) were up all night with these :)
New Silverlight controls suite delivered by Microsoft #PDC08
Laurent Bugnion has a long detailed post about the Toolkit, digging deep into some aspects... don't skip these last two!
Simulating Sample Data in Blend 2 SP1
On the Expression Blend and Design Blog, they discuss a way to simulate Data in Blend 2. The concept may be in question according to some comments, but it looks like a great start.
DataGrid navigation between cells
In what may be the shortest post, Lee discusses Navigation between DataGrid cells.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #66 – How to copy XAML for Silverlight from Expression Designer
Mike Snow explains in detail how to get the XAML from Expression Designer into a usable location.

Stay in the 'Light!

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