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In This Issue: Bart Czernicki, Rob Houweling, Scott Guthrie, Tim Heuer, Jesse Liberty, Laurence Moroney, and Karl Shifflett.

I should call this my Silverlight 2 Release post, because looking at it, there are only 3 posts that are not directly related.

I'm not going to list out in detail everyone that has a link blog (like me), but I do have the major, fact-filled, entries below, and will give shout-outs to posts by Tim Sneath, Somasegar, and Scott Hanselman -- I think that's a first :)

Adam Kinney has taken part in another video, and although it appears his hair is still his normal color, I'm positive it's worth a look: PDC 2008 Badges interview, cereal included.

Jeff Weber has been busy and reports Diver Has Been Updated To Final Silverlight 2 Release.

I had been scrounging the web last weekend, and didn't hear about yesterday's press release until early yesterday morning. Apparently I was not alone in that, and at least one product developer has written about it: Silverlight 2 RTW, or, how Microsoft choked .

Ensure sure your Silverlight Beta 2 code works past this week!!!
Bart Czernicki has some good advice for avoiding having your pages crash on your users...
Clipboard support in Silverlight 2
Rob Houweling sent me this yesterday about doing clipboard support in Silverlight 2... I was actually able to run a demo from here, and it worked great! ... good job, Rob... guess you got some free time away from Jeff Paries' code :)
Silverlight 2 Released
The man that has the first and last say about Silverlight... Scott Guthrie... no Silverlight release is ready or complete until Scott posts... and here it is!
Silverlight 2 Released: New controls, tools, announcements!
This morning, Laurent Bugnion posed a question to Tim Heuer wondering if he was up all night ... yikes ... it sure looks like it by this blog post... Between Scott Guthrie's post above, and Jesse Liberty's below... I can't think of anything else you'd need to get rolling. As Tim emailed out this morning "Get your download engines on"!
Silverlight 2 Release Guide
Jesse Liberty has a great blogpost covering everything I could possible ask a question about the release: If you're new to SL, All your beta code is broke, What you need to start, and on, and on... all good stuff, and I'm not just saying that because he mentioned me blog :) --- thanks Jesse!
Where can I get the Silverlight 2 Bits? – Question of the Day
Laurence Moroney takes time out to answer some of the main questions he's been getting such as what is going to happen when people visit my site?
XAML Power Toys 3.3 Released With New Class Browser
Karl Shifflett has been very busy also... he has a new version of XAML Power Toys up ... if you haven't gotten this yet, shame on you! ... and before I could post this link, he had an update: XAML Power Toys

Stay in the 'Light!

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