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In this issue: Martin Mihaylov, Dave Relyea, Manish Dalal, Karl Shifflett, Terence Tsang,

David Anson has been busy with his updates and reports: Just a little too eager with the clicking... [Updated binaries and source for MouseButtonClicker].

Corey Schuman posted about an Update for his Video Slider

Karl Shifflett has a Cool Usage Tip For XAML Power Toys

Adam Kinney has a blog post and set of demo videos on the WPF Effects and Transitions Library Applied

Laurence Moroney reports he has updates for the code for his book: Introducing Silverlight 2 – Code updates for RC0/RTM

Koen Zwikstra updated SilverlightSpy last week also and I missed it :( He's got some screen shots and information on his blog

Page navigation and browser history in Silverlight
Martin Mihaylov has an article up on using Telerik's RadPageNavigation control. Author: Martin Mihaylov
Control Lifecycle
Dave Relyea responded to a query on the forum and decided to rat out information about the lifecycle of SL Controls... how cool... I've also added a link to this chart on my Silverlight Links in my Outlook Bar
Stealth Paging : DataGrid
Manish Dalal has an interesting blog post up about paging data in Silverlight as it's needed ... and has this all written up... very cool!
Viewing Design Time Data in Visual Studio 2008 Cider Designer in WPF and Silverlight Projects
Karl Shifflett blogs about a way to get data displayed on the design time surface of VS2008... no really! ... this is pretty darned cool...
Flash and Silverlight: Mystery Magic Background
I'm not sure of the order, but I got tired of paging back to August, and am going to post the first 3 of Terence Tsang's animation posts. This catches me up with his work. In this one he has a cool background effect going on. Next is Flash and Silverlight: 3D Image Rotation , and I think the first was this one: Flash and Silverlight: 3D Text Space ... what a bunch of work... and a bunch of learning, if you've followed along!

Stay in the 'Light!

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