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In this post: Mike Snow, Bill Reiss, Jesse Liberty, Harsh Bardhan, Tim Heuer, Matthias Shapiro, and Jeff Wilcox

Bill Reiss has posted Silverlight Sports Game Contest Results... I blogged Andy Beaulieu's win yesterday, but go look at the others!

Silverlight Tip of the Day #47 – How to Implement a Password Box
I've heard the term 'dog days', but in Mike Snow's case, it's like dog years... folks, we've just gone through 7 Tips of the Day in 24 hours! ... and that doesn't count one extra post bringing Mike's total to 8 ... geez. In this first 3 he hilites 3 new controls in RC0, the Password Box, Silverlight Tip of the Day #48 – How to Implement a Combobox , and Silverlight Tip of the Day #49 – How to Implement a Progress Bar
Silverlight Tip of the Day #50 – Main Game Loop Revisited!
Mike then goes on to discuss the new game loop capabilities in RC0, then Silverlight Tip of the Day #51 – How to Enable and Disable Controls , Silverlight Tip of the Day #52 – How to Popup a Browser Window , and Silverlight Tip of the Day #53 – MessageBox is now Available in Silverlight 2
EnvDTE.OutputGroup.get_FileCount() exception with Silverlight 2 RC0
Finally in one that's not a tip of the day, Mike discusses an exception you might be seeing and why that might be.
Latest version of Silverlight Streaming helper classes and SLSExplorer
Bill Reiss blogged about the latest version of his Streaming helper class. If you're doing a bunch of streaming, you should check this out... or get involved!
Dependency Property System – Deeper Dive Part 1
Jesse Liberty posted a great in-depth Dependency Property post yesterday afternoon... punch this one out to a PDF so you can call it back quick!
Step By Step - Using Silverlight to Access a WCF Service Hosted In a Console Application
Harsh Bardhan at DotNetCurry has a very nice tutorial on using Silverlight with a WCF service in various places and how that effects where to find the policy file.
Installing Silverlight RC0 Offline
Tim Heuer discusses Installing Silverlight if you don't have admin priviledges... this works good because it's how I got B1 installed on my laptop.. nothing else would work!
Silverlight multi-file upload controls and patterns
Time also discusses the use of Silverlight wherever you're needing to do file uploading. He has lots of resources linked.
Color Picker In Action (In The Silverlight Particle Project)
Matthias Shapiro dropped his very nice color picker into Robby Ingebretsen’s Silverlight Particle Generator, and while I can't think of a good use for it, it's dang addicting to play with :) ... very cool, Matthias
Silverlight Unit Test Framework: New features & download for RC0
Jeff Wilcox give us the UnitTest download for RC0 and discusses all the new features.

Stay in the 'Light!

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