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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Boyan Mihaylov on SL/Amazon, David Hyde with SL Stock Portfolio, Chris Anderson with SL LOB app, Jesse Liberty on Content Presenter and Isolated Storage, Shawn Burke on ExpandoHeaderControl, Brad Abrams on CSLA and SL, Matthias Shapiro on ListView Styles, Manish Dalal on Combobox in DataGrid, Jeff Wilcox on SL & JS, David Anson on LayoutTransform, Terence Tsang with a simple text effect, and Lee with Combobox in DataGrid

The SilverlightShow Write and Win Contest is ready for your votes! Three of the entries today are also entries in the contest, so go help them out!

Karl Shifflett has announced: XAML Power Toys 3.0.0 Released - Code Name: Refactored.

Bill Reiss blogged about another place to get questions answered.

Find Your Books in with Silverlight
Boyan Mihaylov posted this SL/Amazon lash-up to the SilverlightShow Write and Win Contest.
Silverlight Stock Portfolio
David Hyde posted this cool Silverlight Stock Portfolio article to the SilverlightShow Write and Win Contest.
Building a Framework for Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications
Chris Anderson posted this SL LOB app article to the SilverlightShow Write and Win Contest.
RC0 & ContentPresenter
Jesse Liberty discussed (yesterday) the Content Presenter in RC0 and what we should know has changed. Then today he wrote up a very nice tutorial on Isolated Storage: Isolated Storage – Might Be Easier Than You Think
Updated ExpandoHeaderControl sample for RC0
Shawn Burke has uploaded the source for the updated control sample for RC0 for the ExpandoHeader Control... go get it!
CSLA.NET Comes to Silverlight
Brad Abrams discusses how Rockford Lhotka has brought to SL2 ... wonder if my buddy Steve is using it :)
How to Assign ColumnHeaderContainerStyle and ColumnHeaderTemplate to a ListView Style
A post from August by Matthias Shapiro about ListView Styling in WPF ... still good stuff :)
ComboBox in DataGrid
Manish Dalal discusses in great detail a Combobox in a DataGrid and *almost* finishes with an RC0 issue... see Lee's post below
If you can do it in JavaScript, you can do it in managed Silverlight .NET code
Jeff Wilcox has a great article up on SL2 and Managed JavaScript... just in time for JQuery? :)
LayoutTransform functionality updated for Silverlight 2!
David Anson has updated his LayoutTransform Control, and has a good write-up on the use.
Flash vs Silverlight: Simple Text Effect
A new entry this time from Terence Tsang ... what he calls a text effect ... sort of looks like the stagecoach coming in surrounded by a cloud of dust... pretty cool :)
ComboBox in DataGrid Issue with RC0
Amazingly enough, Lee took off today on the Combobox in DataGrid issue as well... and Lee has a workaround to Manish's problem he posed.

Stay in the 'Light!

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