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Bart Czernicki on RC0, Bill Reiss on RC0 Text, Shawn Wildermuth on WebClient, Expression Blend Team with DZ Templates, Matthias Shapiro on Generic.xaml, Jeff Handley on Property Changed Events, Terence Tsang with Laser Orbit, and Jesse Liberty on Skinnable Custom Controls.

If you know Chad Campbell, or know him by way of Twitter or some other social means, you'll also know he's been laboring over his book for over a year. John Stockton has assisted on this, and now reports that the electronic version is due out in a few days: Silverlight 2 in Action - SALE!... this would be one to get!

Silverlight 2 RC0 - Important & Less Obvious things developers need to know
I think we all know that RC0 is really for developers, but Bart Czernicki takes a close look at some of the things that the developers should know.
Silverlight 2 RC0 text rendering 'improved'?
Bill Reiss links out to a bunch of forum postings talking about the text rendering, voices an opinion, and asks for feedback.
New Information on WebClient in Silverlight 2
Shawn Wildermuth gives up what he's learned about the WebClient code that we should pay attention to.
Silverlight 2 RC Compatible Deep Zoom Project Templates
The Expression Blend Team has released some RC0-compatible templates for composing Deep Zoom with RC0... cool!
Tip For Finding Resources for a Control in generic.xaml
Going back in time a bit with Matthias Shapiro, I found this article on the use of generic.xaml and finding resources for controls
Property Changed Events
Another older article, this one from Jeff Handley, on Property Changed Events ... all good info!
Flash vs Silverlight: Laser Orbit
A much older one from Terence Tsang -- I'm trying to slowly catch up :) -- this one on dispatching events he calls "Laser Orbit"
Skinnable Custom Controls – Change to generic.xaml
The very latest from Jesse Liberty, also on generic.xaml... since this is the new stuff, it's the good stuff!

Stay in the 'Light!

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