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Hannah Watkins on Creating Graphics for a SL Game, Mohammad Dayyan with WPF clock, Jesse Liberty with a Podcast on Templating, on DeepZoom stitching, Mike Snow on WCF vs ASMX, and making it snow, Terence Tsang with fireworks, Joel Neubeck begins a Casual Games series, Corey Schuman with another 3D example, Doug Blackmore with a closeable tab item, Bill Reiss with Dogs Photomosaic and troubleshooting Data Access.

Tim Sneath reports on What You’ll Hear at PDC2008... sounds like a good time will be had... send good blog posts for those of us not going :(

Karl Shifflett blogged XAML Power Toys 2.0.8 Released New Features ... definitely take a look at this!

Creating graphics for a Silverlight game
Going along the theme of Joel Neubeck starting a series on Casual Games, I got a submittal from Hannah Watkins that is an awesome tutorial on creating the graphics for a Silverlight game... very complete, very informative... I added her blog to my list-o-bloggers, and also to SC, so I hope we see more fun stuff from her... thanks Hannah!
I’ve always wanted to make a clock in WPF
Mohammad Dayyan demonstrates an analog clock in WPF at Coding4Fun
Podcast on Templating
Jesse Liberty's first montly PodCast on Sparkling Client: this one on Templating... With Erik Mork at one end of the process and Jesse Liberty at the other, how can you miss?
DeepZoom Composer now with stitching feature explains the new stitching feature of DeepZoom and how they use it to stitch together a 'mind map' of sorts for presentations.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #44: Silverlight-enabled WCF Services versus ASMX Web Services
Mike Snow discusses WCF vs ASMX, and gives a good run-down on what is what and why we should be doing one or the other.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #43: Making it Snow in Silverlight
Ok this is too easy, so I won't go there, but Mike Snow is making it Snow in Silverlight. I've done animated gifs using filters to give me the snow patterns, but not actively changing things at run-time ... this is cool :)
Flash vs Silverlight: Colorful Fireworks
Terence Tsang is doing fireworks ... wow... looks like you're throwing bursts of Christmas ornaments into the air!
Developing a Casual Games With Silverlight 2 - Module 1
Joel Neubeck has begun a series on Developing Casual Games with Silverlight 2 ... very creative guy, so you'll want to keep up with this!
Another 3D example in Silverlight
Core Schuman has enhanced two of his previous blogs into this cool example... and I can think of a couple uses for this...
Closable TabItem
Dout Blackmore discusses the issues surrounding Closing a TabItem, and how you might allow your user to do so... good stuff!
Dogs Photomosaic Deep Zoom
Bill Reiss posted a DeepZoom Dogs Photomosaic... the first thing I've been able to capture my wife's interest in DeepZoom with! ... very cool.
Troubleshooting Silverlight Data Access
Bill has a great article with links out to others for troubleshooting data access issues.

Stay in the 'Light!

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