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Jeff Weber released "Diver", Mike Snow on Bookmarks and Terence Tsang on 3D Image Space.

Want to know what controls are coming down the Silverlight Trail? Checkout Shawn Burke's Control Freak article... and check out the team members, too!

Corey Schuman has an intrigueing app of images in 3D space floating around. He says he's going to work on zooming in and out. Check out what he has now.

Jonas Follesø reports that Developer Build of Chrome (1251) fixes Silverlight 2 bugs, and check out the updates with links to other notable bloggers.

Diver Released (Physics Powered Silverlight Game)
Jeff Weber ... yes THE Jeff Weber of the Farseer Physics engine, has released a new Silverlight game called Diver, and I don't know about you, but I'm aggregating his blog for sure!! -- and it's in the SC database as well. 
Silverlight Tip of the Day #41: Using Bookmarks in your Silverlight Application
Mike Snow is up to 41 of these tips already... sheesh... that's in the category of "Sleep ... the 8 best hours of the week" ... good stuff on bookmarks, Mike, thanks!
Flash vs Silverlight: 3D Image Space
Now I know that alert readers will notice I'm early today... and because I am, I can pull up an oler Terence Tsang post on 3D Image Space ... I'd be shocked if he didn't post a new one today... I was actually afraid to hit refresh once I had it linked :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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