Silverlight Cream for September 09, 2008 -- #364

Alex Golesh altering style dynamically, Tim Heuer revisits the Install, Mike Taulty on Async Events and Binding Images to URIs, Expression Blend blog on Deep Zoom Resources, Adam Kinney on Project Rosetta, and Terence Tsang on Simple Drawing

If you are in NYC on 9/13, Tim Heuer has announced Silverlight in the Big Apple.

Koen Zwikstra has announed A Minor SilverlightSpy Bugfix.

Chris Carper, on his Business of Silverlight blog has a post about Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Anna Wrochna has posted her Most Useful Silverilght Techniques taken from SilverlightCream.

Archived at:
Quick Silverlight Tip: Define control style dynamically
Alex Golesh discusses making style changes at run-time and use external style definitions... good information if you're not familiar with it!
Silverlight install experience too hard?
With all the banter back and forth on the web, Tim Heuer takes yet another whack at the "Silverlight is too hard to install" issues... better you than me, my friend :)
Silverlight, Async, Events
Mike Taulty has a long post about Silverlight and Asynchronous events. Links out to other resources, and lots of code...
Silverlight 2 - Binding Images to Uri's
Mike also has this post about binding Images to URIs... seems I've seen this one discussed a bunch lately as well!
Deep Zoom Resources
The Expression Blend and Design Blog folks posted a good up-to-date list of resources for DeepZoom, and I thought it would be something worth capturing!
Project Rosetta, From Flash to Silverlight
I hadn't blogged about Project Rosetta because I'm not a flash guy, and I figured it wouldn't take long for one of the big guys to post a good intro about it, and my friend Adam Kinney stepped up to that plate... great post ...
Flash vs Silverlight: Simple Drawing
Last but not least is Terence Tsang... I blogged his first entry a while back and for some reason did not add his blog to my big list-o-blogs, and when I got a look at it yesterday, holy moly... when does he sleep??? I'm not going to try to catch up with him right now, and I may not, but at least I've got his latest listed here... and he's doing some seriously cool stuff!

Stay in the 'Light!

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posted @ Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:02 AM

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