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Chris Cavanagh with YouCube, Bart Czernicki with a Multithreading control, Doug Blackmore with a SL2 Combobox, SilverlightShow with a 'glow' effect, SilverlightGirl on making a text appear and disappear, Peter McGrattan with a 3-part series on WCF Polling Duplex Support, IdentityMine with Desklighter, Shawn Wildermuth on the new build of DataServices library, Jonas Follesø with presentation material, and Chris Hay with Manic Miner on Spectrum Emulator.

Yeah... I know I've got a couple database fixups to do tonight... I messed up a couple author names this morning, but they're correct on this post.

WPF 3D web browser
Note this is WPF, but it is definitely interesting... I didn't have a chance to download this before leaving the house, but the screenshot is seriously cool.. what a great demo, and the source is available!
Multithreading Silverlight Controls
Bart demonstrates Multithreading with a Slider control, and the test program definitely points out an advantage... and he provides all the source!
Silverlight 2 ComboBox
Doug Blackmore started a Silverlight blog called ... I've added it to the database, and it's on my daily watch list. His first outing is a SL2 Combobox with the write-up done in tutorial style... the combobox looks and works GREAT... good stuff, Doug!
Creating a Glowing effect in Silverlight 2
The guys at SilverlightShow posted an article about a 'glowing' effect. At first I was expecting something like the 'glow' in the glass button we all fell in love with in SL1.0, but this is more like feathering the edges of a rectangle or ellipse... I can think of good use for this, and besides, I generally get more from looking at the code than anything :)
Fix for: Make text appear and disappear in Silverlight 2
Silverlight Girl had some issues with her code not showing text correctly... she figured out the problem, and blogged the solution... will probably save other developers the same time as well!
Silverlight 2 WCF Polling Duplex Support - Part 1: Architecture
Peter McGrattan Posted a 3-part series on WCF Polling Duplex Support.... he had me a tad confused because all 3 parts were posted the same day :) ... This first one is on the Architecture, then follows Silverlight 2 WCF Polling Duplex Support - Part 2: The Server , and finally Silverlight 2 WCF Polling Duplex Support - Part 3: The Client -- all really good stuff... great pictures, and tons of reference links.
The IdentityMine folks started a new site that I'm also going to be watching called Desklighter ... this is a tool that you point at your xap file and it creates a "Desklight" that you can run without the web... lots of information on their site and Andy Beaulieu has blogged about it as well... go download it, I'll still be here when you get back... you know you want to :)
New Build of Silverlight Library for Data Services!
Shawn Wildermuth blogged about a new build of the Silverlight Library for Data Services that in some part resolves the issues he last reported. He cautions that this isn't a production-ready solution, but if you're playing with the new bits it will put you back in business.
TechEd 2008 – Silverlight 2 for Developers
Jonas Follesø is a Regional Director and very creative guy, and he gave a TechEd 2008 presentation in New Zealand on Silverlight 2. In the process, he fillout a Dive Log sample program that looks awesome... and he's got all the presentation materials on his site!
Manic Miner on Silverlight Spectrum Emulator
Chris Hay is continuing with the Spectrum Emulator... this time he's got Manic Miner running on it... how cool is that??

Stay in the 'Light!

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