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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Scott Barnes on Submitting SL Bugs, Shawn Wildermuth on SL Firestarter in NYC, Jason Cooke Templatinging the Calendar, Jonas Follesø on SL2 apps using WCF, and Mike Snow on detecting alt-shitshift-control-windows and apple keys, delcaring a User Control from a XAML Page, and Creating Smooth Tile Transitions.

Don't forget about the Silverlight Write and Win Contest at SilverlightShow. Ivan reported to me this morning that one of the articles in my SC posts from yesterday was entered in the contest ... go check out the prizes they've got going... no seriously... there.are.great.prizes... :)

Jeff Prosise blogs that all roads lead to Silverlight 2 ... he has updated his very cool magnifying glass app to SL2... go check it out prior to the MSDN article!

Going along with updates, Lester has updated XAMLPadX 4.0... check it out!

Cameron Albert is hard at work on his game, Parenthia, which I suspect is going to be stellar, he has a nice article about Scripting for Games on his site now.

How to Submit a Bug/Feature Request for Silverlight.
Responding to an email about how to get a bug filtered back to the SL Team, Scott Barnes decided to do a quick tutorial on how anyone can accomplish that.
Silverlight 2 Firestarter in the Big Apple!
Shawn Wildermuth announces a Silverlight Firestarter in NYC that he's going to not only be presenting ... he's co-hosting the keynote with Peter Laudati... how cool is that??
Templating the Silverlight Calendar [Jason Cooke]
Kathy Kam turned over her blog to Jason Cooke for a Great tutorial on Templating the Calendar Control... this is some of the good stuff folks!
Configuring Silverlight 2 applications using the WCF configuration file
Jonas Follesø posted this article in response to some other posts about SL2 and WCF. Along the way he gives out some great info and lots of good links.
Tip of the Day #31: How to Detect Alt, Shift, Control, Windows and Apple keys with Left Mouse Down
As usual, Mike Snow seems to be overrunning me :) ... Tip of the Day 31 is how detect all those odd keys that we want to but haven't taken the time to figure out.
Silverlight Tip of the Day #32: How to Declare a Custom User Control from a XAML Page.
Mike's Tip 32 shows how to actually use a User Control you create.
Terrain Tutorial Part 3 - Creating Smooth Tile Transitions using Opacity Masks
Continuing in his Game series, Mike introduces us to Opacity Masks and creating smooth tile transitions... great-looking transitions I might add!

Stay in the 'Light!

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