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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Bill Reiss announced a SL Game contest, Matt Berseth with Custom DataGrid icons, Palard Julien provides password control, Sean Blakemore on IOC and Moq, Somesegar describes the olympics process, Laurence Moroney with a fun app, Scott Barnes on RSS, Tim Heuer announces hands-on labs, and Expression Blog on animating a line [WPF].

Silverlight Game Contest rules and FAQ now online
Bill announced this the other day and I held off until I could exchange email with him... looks like a good group of prizes, and should be fun considering the games we've seen so far.
Custom Sort Icons with Silverlight 2's DataGrid Control
Matt Berseth wasn't satisfied with his angled headers on the DataGrid, now he's replaced the default sort icons... very cool!
Silverlight - Password field no longer missing
I found this via Bill Reiss, and while Bill called it Slap your head Simple, I just laughed when I read it... go see for yourself :)
Mocking and IOC in Silverlight 2, Castle Project and Moq ports
Sean Blakemore picks up the wand from Mark Monster and takes off on Castle and Moq and actually has it all working for us... go get it!
Olympics like you've never seen them before!
There's been a bunch of Olympic posts, but Somesegar describes how all that is being done on-site, to provide the videos for us on our browsers.
And you thought the Olympic Silverlight app was Sexy?
Laurence Morony demonstrates a Silverlight app that is just for fun... take a peek at it for yourself :)
Do you know Silverlight has an inbuilt native RSS Reader?
Scott Barnes discusses the fact that building an RSS reader in Silverlight is almost as simple ass the password box up above :)
4 new Silverlight hands-on labs
Tim Heuer talks a bit about 4 new hands-on labs now available at ... that's my afternoon entertainment, I think!
How to Animate a Drawing Line
While not Silverlight, the Expression Team Blog discusses animating drawing a line in WPF ... and why can't someone just port that over to Silverlight, huh, huh, huh :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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