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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
SilverlightOnly Panorama Viewer, Alex Golesh on Isolated Storage, Mike Snow on moving the XAP, Changing the XAP name, and Changing the cursor, Corey Schuman on Drag and Drop, and Jeff Paries animation book.

If you're also into WPF, checkout the 3-part series Jaime Rodriguez did on the WPF datagrid.

360° Panorama Viewer 2D
The team at SilverlightOnly sent this to me this morning just as I was leaving and I was jammed up all day. This is a very cool viewer! I haven't investigated it completely, just ran through a bunch of the samples.. you can just about make yourself sick with that image flying around :) ... You can download the viewer xap file and there is a very nice Usage page... fun stuff and great job!
Silverlight Isolated Storage Maximum Quota
Alex Golesh responds to some questions about the size of Isolated Storage.
Tip of the Day #25: How to Build the XAP File to the Debug/Release Folders
Mike Snow is messing with my head again... I look at close to 200 blogs a day, and I look at them *really* fast... it's like pattern recognition I guess. I remembered Mike's last Tip was #24, so when his blog came up this morning #27 was showing... huh?... so we got 3 new Tips of the day overnight :) ... this first one is on how to change where the XAP file gets built to... specifically in his example to a Release or Debug folder... good information! The next is Tip of the Day #26: How to Change the Output XAP File Name , which sort of goes along with the previous one, and then the last one is Tip of the Day #27: How to Change the Mouse Cursor which is something I like to do in my UI, so all good solid useful info for a 3-tip day :)
Drag and drop Silverlight example
Now that Corey Schuman is past the labor of getting the viewer ready for the Olympics (and how cool is THAT??), rather than taking it easy, he's blogging... and this one is about Drag/Drop in SL2
Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation
OK I'll tell you, I've seen some of the stuff Jeff has going for this book, and if you're at all interested in animation and Silverlight, you're going to have to get this book! He wrote me last night and sort of sideways mentioned this book and yowzer... when do all you guys (Tim, Jesse, etc.) find time to write a complete book?? .. anyway, go read the post, then keep an eye out for the book... good stuff! and congrats, Jeff!

Stay in the 'Light!

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