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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Mark Monster on Mocking SL and Networking, Denislav Savkov inheriting from ItemsControl, Alex Golesh on SL Events in JS and vice verse, Edward Silverton with a SL Portfolio site, Dave Relyea on Templating, Page Brooks Controlling his Treadmill, Lee on TabStrip and vertical text, Robby Ingebretsen surveying SL and 3D, Expression Team Blog with Resource links, and Jesse Liberty with four Twitter Blogs.

Congratulations To The Winners of Silverlight 2 “Write and Win” Contest ... Somewhere along the line, the one article of the five listed that I missed is the number one article, but will get it into the database, and congratulations to all the winners!

Thinking about Silverlight and Mocking
Want to get a project going with Silverlight and a Mock framework? Read what Mark has to say... sounds like he's up for some coding :)
How to inherit from ItemsControl and create a UniformGrid with containers
Wow... Denislav Savkov really took off on this tutorial... lots of links and great ideas. I hope everyone is paying attention... this is fun stuff!
Silverlight Networking - Being Responsive to the WebRequest, a WebResponse
Mark Monster suggests reading his other 3 networking posts first and has links to them. In this 4th episode, he converts the JavaScript WebResponse to a Silverlight WebResponse, and gives a hint as to where else he's heading... definitely want to stay caught up on these :)
Quick Silverlight Tip: Silverlight Events in JavaScript and JavaScript Events in Silverlight
Alex Golesh demonstrates handling JavaScript events in Silverlight and vice verse... for all those times that you just *have* to go with JavaScript... :) Portfolio Site
Edward Silverton posted this Portfolio site and suggested a Content Management tag and I agreed. This is a great-looking Silverlight site... very nice demo of their work!
Retemplating a Standard Control (Including VisualStateManager Stuff)
Dave Relyea has a great tutorial up on retemplating a button... you should probably print this sucker out and put it in one of those plastic things in a binder :D ... or at least save it as a pdf file... good stuff Dave, thanks!
Controlling your Treadmill from Silverlight - Part 1
Yeah, you read it right... Page is getting antsy waiting for all the submittals for the Silverlight Control Competition and decided to investigate the I/O from his treadmill... now if he puts the app on his site and WE can control HIS treadmill... now THAT would be fun :)
TabStrip placement and verticaltext
Lee doesn't give an example of how it looks, but gives us two possibilities of displaying vertical text in a TabItem.
A Survey of Silverlight 3D
Robby Ingebretsen takes a good long look at all the ways of 3D and Silverlight... great reference!
Collection of Expression Blend Learning Resources
After asking for input the other day, the Expression Blend team has posted a big list of resources for learning Expression Blend... I'm going to add this to my sidebar.
Four Twitter Silverlight Blogs
Jesse Liberty blogs about the four Silverlight Twitter feeds, and Emil Stoychev reminded him that he has one as well and gave the link. Thanks for the shout out, Jesse! SilverlightNews really belongs to Adam Kinney but he asked me to populate it as I push links into SilverlightCream... all good stuff, and you should all be following all 5 of these!

Stay in the 'Light!

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