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Corrina Barber updated Red & Black skins, Mike Snow on Isolated Storage, Tim Heuer on S3 and SL2B2 and making Video Encoder Templates, Azret Botash with IM/Chat client and server, Emil Stoychev with Pivot Table, Bart Czernicki Master Series, Part 1, and Alex Golesh: Isolated Storage, StringToPathGeometry Converter, Init Params, Communication between two objects, Treeview Control and reflecting ScriptObject content.

I want to point out to all the bloggers that there's a new blog-scraper in town. I don't want to give them a link, but there's no other way to get the word out. Tim Heuer's work is pretty well sucked in, and others will be soon I'm sure. The owner is in pakistan. You can find the info on them via whois. The site is silverlightarticles dot com.

Red and Flat Skins Updated for Beta 2
Corrina has taken the time to update and upgrade her red and flat skins to B2 ... this is great stuff... thanks, Corrina!
Tip of the Day #19: Using Isolated Storage
Mike Snow follows his article from yesterday on cookies with one today on Isolated Storage... buncha code and good discussion.
Updates to Amazon S3 and Silverlight
Tim Heuer has an update to his S3 and SL2 article, particularly after some discussion about Cross-domain policies and best practices ... this should be required reading!
Making SL2 Video Player an Encoder Template
In another post, Tim shows in great detail making an expression encoder template for the Video player he's got up on CodePlex.
Silverlight Data Grid - Creating an IM/Chat Server and Client using Sockets
Azret Botash of Devexpress posted this very code-intensive article ... very cool... and all the code is downloadable as well :)
Creating a simple Pivot table using LINQ and RadTreeView for Silverlight
Using the Telerik RadTreeView, Emil Stoychev displays deploying a pivot table using LINQ, and as with most work from Emil, he has some other links listed and the source.
Silverlight 2.0 - Concepts to become a master series (Part 1 - .NET/C#)
Bart Czernicki is beginning a series to help make Silverlight easier to understand and get your arms around... should be a good read.. I've added Bart to the blog list in SC.
Isolated Storage in Silverlight 2 Beta 2
Alex Golesh tried to stuff my inbox last night :) ... I don't mind that at all.. the more submittals the better! he's been busy, and I haven't noticed, so I think we're catching up on all the goodness he has on his blog. This first one is on Isolated Storage. Good screenshots and code, plus a link out to a sample app!
Silverlight StringToPathGeometry Converter
In this post, Alex has a very cool converter that will produce path geometry from a string... and will also go the other way... if you've ever worked with path geometry, you're probably already out to this link to grab it :)
Quick Silverlight Tip: Initialization Parameters
Alex gives a nice work-up on the initialization parameters named, and not-named... good reading!
Quick Silverlight Tip: Communicating between two Silverlight objects on a single page
In a post from the 10th, Alex details communication between two Silverlight objects on the same page... his approach is to have the objects have information about one another, hey... how about using intialization parameters for that... see the post above :)
Silverlight TreeView Control
Oh hey, check this out... Alex has ported the WPF tree control over to SL2 ... how cool is that.. it looks just great!
Silverlight Tip: How to reflect ScriptObject content in runtime
In the last of the links Alex sent me, he demonstrates how to reflect ScriptObject content at run-time... including an example of why we might want to do so... good information!

Stay in the 'Light!

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